Is Senate Report on Russia-Trump Allegations Nothing More than Political Smokescreen?

If I told you that there was evidence tying Russia with efforts to get Donald Trump elected president, would you consider that new news or old news?

Yep, old news that everyone already knows.

A new report seems to be trying to rehash the old news into new news with which to further smear President Trump.

However, one source is positing a new take on the old news being made into new news.

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They posit that most of this news is more of a political smokescreen to spread disinformation and nothing more.

Independent Sentinel – New Bombshell Senate Report of Russia-Trump Allegations Is a Fraud – A new ‘bombshell’ report taking a new look at the Russia ads allegedly aimed at getting Trump elected is simply a dry heave of the same information we’ve already heard. Its goal is to hurt Trump no doubt.

The Washington Post reported that Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and Graphika, a network analysis firm offers new details of how Russians working at the Internet Research Agency, sliced Americans into key interest groups for targeted messaging.

Based on this, Mueller charged Russia firms with criminal offenses as we know. Naturally, those firms are in Russia, and we will never know anything about their guilt. The indictments are somewhat of a joke, perhaps done for ‘show.’

The report was prepared for the Senate and allegedly offers a new look at how Russians tried to get Donald Trump elected…

Considering that the mainstream media’s reporting prior to the 2018 midterm elections was over 80% negative towards Trump and other Republicans and that the media is nothing more than an extension of Washington Democrats, the reality of a political smokescreen seems only too believable.

The media and Democrats will not rest until they have removed Trump from the White House and from as much of history as possible, kind of like Pharaoh removing the name of Moses from everything as portrayed in the classic movie The Ten Commandments.



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