Is Mueller’s Handler About to Be History?

When former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named as the Special Counsel to investigate the allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump administration, it was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who made the appointment.

What many fail to realize is that Mueller gave Rosenstein his start many years ago.

Mueller was supposed to keep his investigation strictly into the matter of collusion, but thanks to Rosenstein, he was given a very long leash to run on allowing him to go after everyone associated with Trump.

Some have expected President Donald Trump to fire Rosenstein while others advise him against it.

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It’s being reported that Rosenstein is scheduled to meet with Trump at the White House on Thursday and are wondering if Rosenstein will be fired or turn in his resignation.

(Fox News) – President Trump is scheduled to meet with Rod Rosenstein on Thursday, the White House said, seeming to tamp down speculation that the deputy attorney general faces the prospect of an immediate firing over a damaging press report.

The No. 2 Justice official, who frequently finds himself in the political crosshairs due to his role overseeing the special counsel’s Russia probe and involvement in other controversies, was the subject of numerous conflicting reports late Monday morning.

One initial report indicated the embattled official had already quit, while sources told Fox News and other outlets that he was heading to the White House expecting to be fired — in the wake of a story claiming he suggested wearing a “wire” against Trump and invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office last year.

But the White House put out a brief statement saying Rosenstein and Trump will meet Thursday, apparently to continue discussing that story, when the president returns from New York…

Democrats are ready to claim that Trump is obstructing justice if he fires Rosenstein.

Many Trump supporters are hoping that Rosenstein has seen the writing on the wall and has decided to tender his resignation.

Either way, it appears that Robert Mueller’s protector is about to be no more, if the rumors on Capital Hill are right.

If the rumors are right, it seems that America will see the end of Mueller’s investigation very soon.



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