Is Mike Murphy Certifiable? He Moves To Take Out the Front-Runner… Just Because It’s Not Jeb

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A GOP insider vows that Trump will not be the nominee. His name: Mike Murphy. He runs Jeb Bush’s super PAC and he’s so serious about it, he’s going public. The gloves will come off. Whatever it takes! “Trump will never be the president.”

This is unprecedented behaviour, even for a sycophant Republican and establishment GOP pig. But it is the reality of the modern Republican party that they would prefer killing the front-runner to conceding and letting go of party power and control.

To follow his line of reasoning, if you have the stomach for it, follow the media threads with me – I promise you will never again view Bush, and the rest of the establishment the same way again.

First up is the Politico which reports that Trump is Trumping it yet again: “Donald Trump commands the field in New Hampshire, according to the results of a Bloomberg Politics/St. Anselm College poll of Republican voters in the state released Wednesday morning. Trump earned 24 percent compared to 17 percent for Ben Carson.”

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Politico says the poll “represents a blow to Bush, whose favorability rating in the state dropped to its lowest level in almost a year of polling despite a big ad buy from the Right to Rise super PAC supporting him. About 57 percent said they had a favorable view of the former governor, down from 59 percent in May and 61 percent last November.”

The reason for Jeb’s loss in the all important state of New Hampshire, Politico reports: “Ask a series of questions about the perceived shortcoming of the candidates in the field, [and] 53 percent said they were less supportive of Bush because of his advocacy of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.”

Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again!

Then, second up is a similar story by the AP and it states: “Trump’s Republican Critics Pushing for GOP-Backed Takedown – Don’t expect Democrats to take down Donald Trump. If the GOP’s baffled establishment wants to dismiss their party’s billionaire presidential front-runner, it appears they’ll have to do it themselves.”

GOP Thinks Trump is a Democrat, cause Democrats aren’t doing more to take him down

This is truly amazing considering the optics and the history of Republicanism. Have you ever heard of an American political party, much less the Republican Party, purposefully deciding to take out the front-runner? It’s unheard of really, especially considering that the GOP – at least on the surface – presents itself as the party of grassroots conservatism that believes the democratic process should prevail.

Rush Limbaugh commented on this very insane situation on his show today, stating:

When is the last time you remember a political party working so hard to bring down its own front-runner? Now, there have been times where parties have tried to take out other candidates — (interruption) Well, when? When’s the last time? (interruption). Was Reagan ever the front-runner in ’76 that they tried to take down? I know they tried to prevent Reagan from becoming the front-runner and at the ’76 convention in Kansas City, I was there, we all know what happened.

Republican insiders argue that since no Democrat is trying to take Trump out its up to them. The sting of logic can’t be missed here, at least to the insiders the “rationale” makes sense. Since no Democrat is trying to take out Trump, the reasoning is: Trump must be a Democrat plant.

Of course, they have it all wrong about the “no Democrat is trying to take down Trump” thing. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Luis Gutierrez (a Democrat from Illinois, a big proponent of amnesty, and a big, big, Obama supporter) is engaged in an effort to force Saturday Night Live to cancel Donald Trump’s appearance.

Representative Luis Gutierrez, Democrat, Illinois, a national crusader for immigrant reform, launched a drive yesterday to dump Trump from his November 7th Saturday Night Live hosting gig. “Having Trump headline Saturday Night Live is a level of endorsement that says to America that every hateful and racist thing Trump has said since he launched his campaign is acceptable and no big deal,” Gutierrez said in a letter to Stephen Burke, CEO of NBC Universal, and to Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast.

Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again!

Incidentally, Luis Gutierrez is not the only Democrat trying to get Trump taken off Saturday Night Live. There are three other groups, all Hispanic groups, doing their best to take Trump out. At any rate, the line from Republican insiders that Democrats are simply failing to fulfill their side of the bargain (the not-so-secret agreement between establishment Republicans and Democrats to eviscerate Trump’s campaign) isn’t working as well as GOP traitors had hoped.

So they fabricate this story that Democrats aren’t moving against Trump to prove that Trump is a Democrat. But then this story isn’t working so well either. It’s a lie of course. In fact, what was the Jorge Ramos showdown back in the summer if not a but a bald-faced attempt by a Democrat operative to take down Trump? Remember the priceless exchange between the Univsion anchorman, whose daughter works for Hillary Clinton and who claimed to have a “moral imperative to confront Donald about his immigration policy”? Didn’t work for him, did it? And it won’t work now. But the claim by Republican insiders is ludicrous. Only establishment people deal in wally world – and lunacy.

The GOP is certifiably insane: insider publicly admits to his stupidity

Which brings us to the despicable Mike Murphy and his public display of stupidity. Mike Murphy is a Jeb Bush insider Republican operative. He is the man in charge of the Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise USA. He’s a consultant. He makes his money running GOP campaigns – John McCain’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger and of Mitt Romney to name three. It safe to say, if you wanna know what the inside-Beltway Republican establishment thinks, talk to Mike.

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