Is it Time for Naval Blockade of North Korea after Failed Summit?

When North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un first shocked he world when he said that he would be open to total denuclearization talks with the Untied States, many people were skeptical.

Ever since the fighting stopped in Korean in 1953, North Korean leaders have repeatedly lied or back out of agreements.

Their track record of keeping their promises or agreements is as stellar as that of pathological liar.

After the first meeting between Kim and Trump last year, it was obvious that Kim had already backed out of his initial statement to denuclearize his rogue nation.

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The second meeting between Kim and Trump was even less fruitful with Kim refusing to turn over all nuclear arms and then making unrealistic demands on the United States.

Washington Examiner – No deal: Trump-Kim summit ends abruptly – The White House announced Thursday that no deal between the United States and North Korea was reached in Vietnam as President Trump’s second summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was unexpectedly cut short.

“The two leaders discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic driven concepts,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. “No agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future.” She described the meetings between Trump and Kim, which took place Wednesday and Thursday in Hanoi, as “very good and constructive.”

Thursday’s working lunch, expected to be the culmination of talks, was canceled shortly before it was to begin, as was the signing ceremony scheduled right after. The president’s press conference slated for just before 4 p.m. local time — 4 a.m. Eastern — was pushed up to 2 p.m…

Kim demands that America withdraws all of it’s military from South Korea, expecting everyone to believe that his intentions are peaceful.

However, now that roads and railways between North and South Korea have been opened, without US military protection, South Korea would be a sitting duck for a swift and hostile military takeover by North Korea.

Fortunately for the people of South Korea, Trump was not duped by Kim’s demands.

What Trump needs to do now is further strengthen sanctions on North Korea and any nation that trades or supplies them and then place a naval blockade around North Korea to enforce the sanctions.



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