Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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Former President George W. Bush called it a religion of peace. And Barack Obama refuses to recognize the enemies — radical Islamists. Now, whether this is extremist Islamic religion, or is this mainstream?

Mat Staver: Matt, there are some polls that are out here that are really shocking in terms of the breadth of the acceptance of violence within the Islamic religion.

Matt Barber: Yea, Mat, Brigitte Gabriel, who is a world renowned national security expert, she has a…in summing up the totality of these polls, she has noted that there are 1.2 billion Muslims is the world. And that of them, 15-25% — and that’s a conservative estimate — are orthodox Muslims, which means that they follow the teachings of the Koran. Which means that you either convert, enslave, or kill all infidels. And that’s anyone who is not a Muslim.

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And the polls of Muslims around the world bear out this reality that 15-25% are what they might call radical Islamist, but the reality is they’re just ORTHODOX Islamics. Koran/Mohammed-following Islamists. And 15-25% of Muslims, that accounts for about 180 – 300 million Muslims who want to kill you!

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