Is Hillary the “Female” Future of Jelly Brains’ Party?

There’s a fierce competition between New York and California to see which can produce the dumbest Democrats.

So far, it’s been neck and neck. California has collectivist clowns like Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. But New York has bolshie boobs like Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gov. Andrew (conservatives aren’t welcome in my state) Cuomo and selfie socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

But New York’s junior senator, Kristen Gillibrand, may have tipped the scale to the Empire State. In a Tweet last week (a Tweet from a twit), Sen. Jelly Brains pronounced “the future is female.”

The future is female is one of those slogans that sounds great on social media but makes as much sense as “sisterhood is powerful.”

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“The future is female” means feminists have determined that men are obsolete.

Sure, men are obsolete — until the next war breaks out, and the nation comes to understand that boots-on-the-ground doesn’t refer to designer footwear.

Men are obsolete — until the economy goes south, and we once again discover the value of aggressive leadership in business.  Men are obsolete — until urban anarchy overwhelms us, and we are finally forced to admit that not all cops are created equal. (Muscle and a willingness to sacrifice to save lives count.)

There’s a note of desperation in the efforts of Democrats to appeal to female voters. You can almost smell the fear as agonize over why 52% of white women voted for Trump in 2016, despite the media’s best effort to portray him as a cross between Jack the Ripper and Harvey Weinstein.

Women were supposed to march to the polls on November 6 and punish Senate Republicans for confirming Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, four incumbent Democrats lost their bids for reelection (two of them women). All had voted against Kavanaugh. Republicans increased their majority by two seats.

Women who don’t have post-graduate degrees – who work in factories, shops and at home instead of on Wall Street — find it hard to relate to the daughters of privilege who reek of bitterness and disdain.

The icon Democrats offer women is Gillibrand’s predecessor in the Senate — a politician best known for destroying the reputations of the legions of ladies who accused her husband of assault, amassed a fortune by peddling political influence and drips with disdain for ordinary people (a basket of deplorables).

Despite all of this, increasingly, it looks like Hillary is the female future of Jelly Brains’ party.


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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

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