Is Having a Loving Family an ‘Unfair Advantage’?

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In a shocking article for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation entitled “Is Having a Loving Family an Unfair Advantage?” one of the individuals who is discussing this says that the natural mom – dad biological family is “a weathered institution, evermore in need of a rationale for existing.”

This is the mind-set of the radicals who want to abolish family.

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Mat Staver: Matt, you wrote an article in BarbWire regarding this particular broadcast and this article and it is absolutely shocking…and you can basically just let the words of these individuals speak for themselves.

Matt Barber: Well that’s right. Joe Gelonesi who is with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has a radio program called The Philosopher’s Zone. He interviewed a fellow there in Great Britian, Adam Swift, a professor of Politics at the University of Warwick, who co-authored a book with a University of Wisconsin professor basically saying that the natural family…the “mom – dad family”…sets an unfair for people who have loving parents.

And this guy Gelonesi says that, while it may be premature to “abolish” the family and to put children into care of the state, he suggests that it really would be the most “straight-forward answer” if only from a purely “instrumental position.” 


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