Irony: Abortion Group Decries Mike Brown’s Killing

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By Rebekah Maxwell

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

The country, the world, is watching the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, in the chaos still swirling around the shooting of 18-year old Mike Brown.

Everyone has an opinion (many of them politically-charged). Most everyone seems to recognize the tragedy of his death, because we see it as an avoidable one. An abrupt and violent end to his young potential. We see that a loss of life demands justice be done.

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And nobody knows more about the violent loss of life than Planned Parenthood.

The activist wing of the abortion business is working to repeal the Hyde Amendment, a restriction on some of the federal funds (your money) used to pay for child-killing. This group wants even more of your money to pay for abortions.

How better to promote that infernal cause than by jumping on the Mike Brown bandwagon?

Here’s their Facebook post, complete with a statement from Planned Parenthood’s Prez, Cecile Richards.

pp mike brown post

To parent your child without fear that he or she will be hurt or killed…”  Sincerely, Planned Parenthood. Who makes money from killing your children. Irony.

Scratch that. Hypocrisy. Also, homicide.

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation summed it up perfectly in a comment:

pp mike brown bomberger

Everyone wants freedom from violence. No child should have to fear for his life. And no parent wants to imagine suffering the true evil of someone killing their son or daughter.

Until we face the horrific reality that our little children are not only in danger of death, we’re allowing, even demanding their execution. An abrupt and violent end to their young potential. Doesn’t this loss of life demand justice, too?

And now, the very people who have slaughtered 13,000,000 Mike Browns before they were born say they care about this boy’s death? Really?

Planned Parenthood: Let us kill your children before someone else does.


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