Iranian-American Fox News Contributor Daftari Shows America’s Leaders How It’s Done

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About two weeks ago in an award acceptance speech at the Sultan of Brunei’s Beverly Hills Hotel, Fox News contributor Lisa Daftari blasted the Sultan for imposing Sharia (Islamic Law) in his country. Hat tip The Washington Free Beacon.

Sharia, which the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy’s groundbreaking 2010 Team B II Report characterized as a “legal-political-military doctrine,” dubbing it “the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time,” classifies women as chattel, sanctions female genital mutilation, and male physical abuse of women. Knowing that a primary objective of faux “moderate” Muslims in the media is representing “the vast majority of Muslims” as peacemakers and their terrorist counterparts as a tiny fringe element that has “hijacked” an otherwise peaceful religion, I must admit that I have listened to Daftari’s commentary with skepticism. Her recent public tongue lashing of the Sultan, however, has won me over. By publicly criticizing the Sovereign of a Muslim state, and denouncing Islam’s indefensible abuse of women, she has insulted Islam and committed “slander,” both of which are capital offenses under Sharia.

If America is to have any hope of defeating the jihad, America’s leaders will need to face up to their own catastrophic failure to observe Sun Tsu’s first maxim of successful warfare—”Know the enemy,” with the courage of Lisa Daftari. They will also need to confront the pervasive infiltration of our local, state, and national, governmental, educational, and jurisprudential institutions, entertainment industry, and news media by stealth jihadis whose utopian vision mandates the destruction and replacement of all non-Islamic forms of government with those that are, by any means, regardless of the length of time it takes for global Islamic hegemony (i.e. a Global Islamic State) to become reality.  Notwithstanding the obvious harmful influence of jihadis operating behind our nation’s “secure perimeter,” the Trojan Horse inside our gates is not the biggest threat to our national welfare. That designation belongs a loss of national identity attended by the arrogant assumption that America always has and always will come out on top.

Overcoming certain defeat will also require that our leaders denounce the oft-repeated spurious claim by Islamic leaders that “Islam does not condone the taking of innocent lives,” on the heels of every terrorist attack. This mantra is uttered with full knowledge that no “infidel,” as defined by Islamic Law, is “innocent,” as defined by Islamic Law. To attain “innocence,” an infidel must become a Muslim. Credit for the success of this unimaginative “good cop/bad-cop” psychological tactic goes not to the intellectual and creative genius of jihadi “masterminds” like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but to the hapless predilection of U.S. policymakers to superimpose a Judeo-Christian understanding of “religion” on Islam, while gazing at its devotees’ “religiosity” through “rose-colored lenses” that block out the fundamental religiopolitical, supremacist nature of Islam and its affirmation by preeminent Islamic jurisprudence.

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If America’s gradual transmogrification pursuant to the realization of global Islamic hegemony is to be interrupted and reversed, authentic moderates will need to speak and act with the courage and boldness of Lisa Daftari.

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Rev. William Cook
Founder and Executive Director of the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, a clergy-led army of Christian patriots who are committed to restoring Liberty in the Commonwealth of Virginia and America. Rev. Cook has served for more than fifteen years in full-time pastoral ministry, as Assistant Campus Minister and Director of Student Life at Regent University for seven years, as an associate pastor in two different churches for five-plus years, and most recently as a clergyman giving oversight and direction to the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia.

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