Investigation: IRS Audited Conservative Groups Only

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It has now been revealed that 100% of the IRS audits on 501(c)(4) organizations during the agency’s targeting period were of “right leaning” groups. There is no longer any question. The IRS’ intent for its most recent move to impose new regulations on 501(c)(4) organizations is to suppress the work – and muzzle the voices – of the left’s political adversaries.

Congressman Dave Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has uncovered further targeting of conservative organizations by the IRS.  In his report covered by the Wall Street Journal, Camp revealed:

We now know that the IRS targeted not only right-leaning applicants, but also right-leaning groups that were already operating as 501(c)(4)s. At Washington, DC’s direction, dozens of groups operating as 501(c)(4)s were flagged for IRS surveillance, including monitoring of the groups’ activities, websites, and any other publicly available information. Of the targeted groups, 83% were right-leaning. And of the groups the IRS selected for audit, 100% were right-leaning.

Not only did the IRS intentionally delay the applications of conservative organizations, existing “right-leaning” organizations were flagged for surveillance – and many were subsequently audited. There can be no doubt that under the Obama administration, the IRS’ has become a political arm of the radical left. The plan is to return to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of power.

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Barack Obama badly wants Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House and he will employ all of his electioneering resources this year – above board and otherwise – to see the House return to a Democrat majority. He also wants to retain control of the Senate under Harry Reid to set up unrestricted passage of his agenda in his final two years in office. This, of course, was this hegemony that forced the nation into the ongoing Obamacare nightmare.

Democrat Senators have even called on the IRS for help to win elections for the DNC. It has also been disclosed that the IRS has been asked by powerful Senate Democrats to help vulnerable “progressives” win reelection in 2014 by silencing the voices of their conservative political adversaries. Barack Obama fully intends to achieve these goals by continuing to use the IRS as a political instrument. So-called “progressives” will pull out all of the stops to win in 2014.

The latest IRS attack on 501(c)(4) groups is hardly surprising. It was 501(c)(4) organizations like Liberty Counsel Action that helped rally and mobilize the Tea Party and other conservatives in the 2010 elections. Not wanting a repeat of the 2010 shellacking the Democrats took, the Obama administration set out in 2012 to stop the mobilization of conservative citizens. This president’s IRS henchmen were happy to oblige, targeting groups considered adversarial to the President’s agenda.

And it worked.

Under the newly proposed IRS guidelines, 501(c)(4) organizations like Liberty Counsel Action would suffer serious curtailment of our free speech rights to “call out” politicians and their policies. We would be restricted in promoting conservative values, such as protecting our constitutional rights against the Executive Branch’s infringements. We would even be prohibited from criticizing the federal bureaucracy.

What’s more, the new set of regulations exempts prominent liberal lobbying groups like labor unions. This is just the beginning of “selective enforcement.”

These Orwellian tactics crafted by the Obama administration are extremely dangerous to the free speech of every American while being interpreted and enforced by the brute power of the Internal Revenue Service under the direction of Obama political appointees.

“We the people” must put a stop to this unprecedented abuse of power.

(Liberty Counsel Action will soon re-deliver our Stop the IRS War on Conservatives petition to members of Congress prior to the end of the IRS’ open comment period. Please sign the petition here.)

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Mathew D. Staver is Chairman and Founder of Liberty Counsel®, an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics. With offices in Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and an outreach in Israel, Liberty Counsel has hundreds of advocates around the world.

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