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Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick has been falsely accused, tried and convicted of ‘aggravated perjury’ and ‘extortion’ and is facing years of prison time.

What on earth did he do? How could a man who served his country in the military for nearly 30 years end up this way? Sharon Rondeau, editor and publisher of www.thepostemail.com has been leading the fight to get the truth out about the false accusations and conviction perpetrated against Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick. She has exposed in several articles how severe corruption is in Tennessee.  In fact, Tennessee was rated third in public corruption by a joint study by Indiana University and the University of Hong Kong.

Recently, I interviewed Rondeau on my show who states from her research:

  • Fitzpatrick inadvertently discovered systemic corruption in eastern TN courts
  • After no law enforcer or agency would act, he tried to conduct a citizen’s arrest of the Monroe County grand jury foreman for over-serving a legal term
  • Instead, he himself was ordered arrested and jailed
  • Fitzpatrick has been jailed seven times in Monroe County and once in the adjoining county of McMinn, where he now lives, in the course of exposing a thoroughly corrupt system in which juries are manipulated and hand-picked and judges are protected by their colleagues and throughout the law enforcement/prosecutor community
  • Entrenched government corruption has been a way of life in Tennessee
  • Last month, a jury convicted Fitzpatrick of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” for trying to bring a petition containing criminal evidence to the McMinn County grand jury, which Tennessee law allows
  • Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood is scheduled to sentence him on August 19, and it could be years in prison

This week I also interviewed Constitutional attorney Van Irion, the attorney representing Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick. The bottom line I took away from my interview with him is that Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick was denied his legal, Constitutional right to address a grievance to a grand jury. We all have that right and it is not a crime. The bottom line of his grievance was that the judge assigned someone, attorney Jeffrey Cunningham (close confidant, associate and even friend) as attorney foreman and didn’t choose him from the jury pool of random names. On top of that, Cunningham had acted criminally for staying on for consecutive terms and wielding powerful influence over the grand jurors. This set up from the Judge’s appointment of a close insider to the jury foreman position has meant that they can influence who is prosecuted and who is not. This can redirect law and accountability…even ‘set ups for crimes’ as they see fit.

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Their charges, arrest, harassment and bogus conviction of Fitzpatrick only prove that his corruption charges against them are correct. They have indeed used their influence as Judge and Jury foreman to twist and bend laws to protect their ‘good old boy’ power, social and political system. They had to get rid of the guy who was exposing the crimes and details of their false system of power set in place, Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick. We must not let this stand.

This case is in ALL of our faces and is only a taste of what may come to us if we dare to stand for what is right in our county or state. There is no doubt that these kinds of internal set ups are peppered through out the country, designed to further breakdown our legal system and fair representation, prosecution and conviction. In talking with investigative journalist, Sher Zieve on this case, she thought this was a test case by Obama to see just what the government could get away with and what the people would do in response. Could they get away with compromising and setting up grand jury foremen with sell out judges or not? Could Obama and his minions use this kind of insider set up and corruption to set up his enemies and put them away in prison? I think, yes and yes if we all don’t rise up and start screaming, starting with this case. Does another innocent man have to go to prison or will you only be concerned when it is you sitting on a hard bed in a square room with no window?

Find the facts of this case and find ways to help at: www.thejaghunter.wordpress.com and www.thepostemail.com.

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Dr. Laurie Roth
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