Independent ‘Heretical Thinking’ vs. The Dogma of ‘Settled Science’

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Jaana Woiceshyn, who teaches business ethics and competitive strategy at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada, noted the recent examples of censorship taking place at “many North American universities” in a post at Capitalism Magazine. She notes that —

convocation speakers such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the outspoken critic of Islam and defender of women’s rights, and Condoleezza Rice, the first female African American Secretary of State, were “disinvited” or prevented from speaking because some faculty or students disagreed with their controversial views.

About this, Woiceshyn writes:

Without independent thinking, there would have been no Galileo, no Newton, no Einstein, no Robin Warren and Barry Marshall—and no J.P. Morgan, no Sam Walton, no Bill Gates, no Steve Jobs. And without these men and their scientific discoveries and business and technological innovations, our lives would be less comfortable, less healthy, and less prosperous. It is only first-hand adherence to facts that can produce discoveries, inventions, and innovations that benefit our lives. It is only independent thinking that can guide us to our values. Instead of shutting down independent thinking on university campuses and elsewhere, we should defend freedom of thought and expression wherever we can. Most of us will not be invited to give convocation addresses, but we can speak up when freedom of thought and expression is being threatened. And as alumni, we can advocate independent thinking by withdrawing our financial support from repressive universities.

Well said. Read the entire article here.

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