Independent Counsel Ken Starr Who Investigated Bill Clinton Chimes in on Trump Obstruction

Ken Starr has served as a federal judge, Solicitor General of the US, President and Chancellor of Baylor University along with Independent Counsel for the Whitewater Controversy involving Bill Clinton.

His investigation of Bill Clinton led to Clinton’s impeachment by the House on the charge of perjury and the charge of obstruction of justice.

Clinton was acquitted by the Senate when 10 Republicans voted with the Democrats.

After the release of the Mueller report, Starr stated that President Donald Trump may have been on the edge of obstructing justice but did not cross that ‘red line’ to warrant formal charges.

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Newsweek –  KEN STARR SAYS DONALD TRUMP WENT TO THE ‘BRINK’ ON OBSTRUCTION ‘BUT HE DIDN’T WALK ACROSS THAT RED LINE’ – Ken Starr, the independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton, said that Robert Mueller’s Russia report showed that Donald Trump went to the “brink” on obstruction of justice but didn’t commit a crime.

Appearing on Fox News on Friday morning, Starr talked about why the president was not prosecuted on obstruction of justice despite evidence that he had tried to interfere several times with the special counsel’s probe into Russian election interference.

“The law cares about what is done, not what is thought or what is said,” Starr said. “The president’s instincts are very aggressive, he knows how to fire people and he fires people but guess what: He may have come to the brink but he didn’t walk across that red line.”

Starr added that Trump “showed wisdom in the end” but can sometimes be his “own worst enemy.” …

While Mueller did not charge Trump with any obstruction of justice charges, he did provide evidence that Trump may have tried to interfere with the investigation, leaving the issue of obstruction of justice issue up in the air.

Democrats are still salivating over the Mueller report despite Attorney General William Barr declaring Trump innocent.

Some Democrats have vowed to continue to investigate and pursue the obstruction of justice issues, in hopes of finally finding something they can legally use against him.



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