Independence Day Special – What Are America’s Founding Principles?

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Today marks 240 years since our Founding Fathers gave us our national birth certificate, what we call the Declaration of  Independence. This is Independence Day. We’re going to be talking about the founding principles that were built in this country from the very beginning.

Mat Staver: Matt, Benjamin Franklin said, “I give you a republic, if you can keep it.” And in those words are a powerful statement. They really go back to some of the founding principles that George Washington and John Adams ultimately said, and were shared by the Founding Fathers. And that is the twin pillars of America are religion and morality.

We are a government of limited laws, giving people a lot of autonomy and authority and individual liberty. The only way that the government can survive is that the people are moral, that they understand right and wrong. And that morality, they ultimately learn through the teaching of Christianity, and in particular our Judeo-Christian principles of morality. That’s the founding, that’s the essence of who we are…

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