Incoming House Democrats Could Destroy Military

For over a century, America was one, if not the most powerful nations in all the world.

That was true up until 2009 when America’s first anti-American leader moved into the White House.

For eight years, Barack Obama whittled away America’s military strength, until we are no longer the military super-power we once were.

He systematically and drastically reduced our nuclear arsenal, the number of troops, ships, and weapons.

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Under President Trump and Republican control of Congress, military spending has greatly increased the military budget.

Some are fearing that when Democrats assume control of the House in January, that they will work to cut defense funding and once again weaken our military.

The National Sentinel – Memo to incoming Democrats: Now is NOT the time to be cutting defense spendingThreats rising: Earlier this week, a bipartisan committee appointed by Congress released a report that should chill all Americans to the bone.

The National Defense Strategy Commission, an independent entity whose board is appointed by the House and Senate Armed Services committees, concluded in a 116-page report that the United States’ military superiority advantages have so eroded over the past decade that it’s very possible and, in some scenarios even likely, America could lose a war to a major power competitor like Russia or China.

That’s largely because the U.S. military has focused on fighting small, brush-fire wars like those in Iraq, Afghanistan and, to a lesser degree, Syria and Libya for near 20 years.

Meanwhile, as the American military was distracted by insurgencies, the Russian and Chinese militaries were rebuilding, modernizing, and focusing squarely on modern, large-scale warfare…

Earlier this week a report was given that indicated a study of America’s military capability and it painted a woeful picture, saying that that the US would lose a war with China or Russia.

Another report today indicates that with the development of a new tactical weapon that superiority over North Korea is also questionable.

I said it then and I’ll keep saying it that Barack Obama is guilty of treason by intentionally weakening our military to the point of leaving us vulnerable to our enemies.

Yet, Obama’s fellow Democrats are sure to follow in his traitorous path.



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