Income Taxes – Alyssa Milano and Bernie Sanders

Monday was Tax Day, the last day to file and/or pay your federal and state income taxes.

Democrats such as Alyssa Milano seem to have no clue as to how income tax works, especially when it comes to tax refunds.

Milano took to Twitter in an attempt to smear Republicans by saying that due to their tax cuts, income tax refunds are down this year.

DUH! If people are paying less federal income taxes than under Obama, doesn’t it only make sense that refunds are down?

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Then there is socialist Bernie Sanders who is pushing so many free government programs that it will increase your federal income taxes by more than triple.

DB Daily – Almost All of You Paid Less Taxes in 2018, And Bernie Sanders Wants That Money Back – As always, the fake news media was lying to you.  – Yesterday was tax day, and millions upon millions of Americans found out that, as is always the case when it comes to President Donald Trump and his policies, the fake news media has been lying to them for 15 solid months about the impacts the Trump tax cuts would have on their own income tax bills. The fake news media has spent every day since the bill was passed in December 2017 telling the Big Lie, reciting its joint talking points with their Democrat Party masters, pretending that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was just a giveaway to millionaires and corporations.

But yesterday was the proof point, with pretty much every taxpayer outside of high state income tax states like New York and California getting a very significant cut. Even in those high-tax states, the great majority of citizens paid less tax than they would have under the Obama tax regime.

Still, leftist morons like failed actress Alyssa Milano were out on Twitter, posting mindless nonsense claiming things like “Already this April, we’ve learned that tax refunds are down this year by $6 BILLION”, proving only that they have no clue how the income tax system works. Yes, total tax “refunds” have been lower than under the previous high-tax regime, for two reasons:  1) the most obvious – total tax LIABILITIES are much, much lower under the new system (duh), and 2) the simplification of the system resulted in more accurate tax withholding tables, meaning wage-earners got more of their hard-earned money up-front, rather than overpaying and allowing the government to earn interest on their money until they filed their refund claim…

The one constant that is true with all Democrats is that they want to give everybody everything for doing nothing and then expect everyone who is working to pay for everything through sky-high taxes.

The problem is that so many people only hear FREE, FREE, FREE and fail to realize that it’s NOT free at all.

What many also fail to understand is that this is one of the tenets of socialism where the masses work for the government in order to pay for all of the government provisions and for the luxurious lifestyle of the top socialists, like multimillionaire Bernie Sanders.



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