‘Inclusive’ Brown University Student Council Provides Tampons to ‘Men’

Barb Wire

*TRIGGER WARNING*: A few words about silly people.

I know things seem bleak right now what with China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea flexing their military muscles, our impotent president issuing more comical “warnings,” and racial strife dividing the nation.

But not to worry, folks. Just look at what some of our best and brightest are doing. Viet Nguyen, the student president of Brown University Undergraduate Council of Students has announced that–in the service of inclusivity–the Council will be stocking men’s restrooms with free tampons because “menstruation is experienced by more than just those who identify as women and…not all people who identify as women menstruate.”

Ah, I feel so much better about our future.

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Laurie Higgins
Laurie Higgins has worked as the Cultural Analyst for the Illinois Family Institute (IllinoisFamily.org) since the fall of 2008. Prior to that, she worked full-time in the writing center of a suburban Chicago high school, where all four of her children attended. She is currently working on bulking up her stick arms by dead-lifting her five grandchildren--one at a time, of course.

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