In Media Coverage of Election Results – Always Read the Fine Print

The way the robotic media has reported this year’s election goes from the absurd to the sublime.

Trump is often described as “rebuked” by voters. This morning on MSNBC (CNN-lite), a commentator said the president got “trounced.” That’s an interesting way to described results which were ordinary in the House and extraordinary in the Senate.

It’s likely that when the too-close-to-calls have been called, Republicans will have lost 36 seats, and control of the House. Historically, the president’s party loses 30 House seats in a mid-term election.

In Obama’s first mid-term, Democrats lost 63 House seats and six in the Senate. Do you recall anyone in the totally fair and scrupulously unbiased media saying B.O. got “trounced”? For the party of socialism and surrender, it was a slaughter.

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Equally significant, this year Republicans made gains in the Senate. In 11 off-year elections since 1974, the party in power gained Senate seats only three times, one seat in each of those elections.

With the president’s leadership, Republicans picked up 3 to 5 seats this year, but will the media acknowledge this achievement? The typical headline reads, “Republicans Keep Control of the Senate.” And Ike kept control of Allied forces after D-Day.

In media coverage of election results, always read the fine print.

[Editor’s Note] –  I recall the mainstream media having a field day when then President Lyndon Johnson (D-TX) handily defeated Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) in the 1964 election.

The media helped Johnson win the election by billing him as the candidate of peace, because Johnson said he wanted to end the Vietnam War.

They billed Goldwater as a murderous war monger because he said he wanted to use whatever method was necessary to win the war, including dropping an atomic bomb.

So what happened, after the media helped Johnson win, he ended up escalating the war and followed all of the rules and instructions of the communist led United Nations.

This resulted in the loss of nearly 50,000 American troops, most of which would have been saved had Goldwater won the election.

Some claim that Johnson was guilty of war crimes against American troops.

Unfortunately, the media regularly choses the side of violence and what’s worst for America.



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