Impeach Nancy Pelosi Petition at 131,000 Signatures and Climbing

Many loyal and patriotic Americans, including myself, truly believe that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a traitor to America and the American people.

She refuses to support action to protect America and the American people from the invasion of tends of thousands of illegal migrants, among which are violent criminals, gang members and possible terrorists, as well as many carrying a variety of diseases.

The White House has a website where one can launch a petition for action and a petition called We the People, is calling for the impeachment of Pelosi.

The signature goal was set at 100,000 by February 17, 2019, and when I signed it yesterday, the petition had garnered 131,396 signatures and there are still 3 weeks to go.

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If you believe that Pelosi is the traitor she has proven to be, click here to sign the petition for her impeachment.

MAGA Daily Report – White House Petition To Impeach Nancy Pelosi Passes 100,000 Signature Goal – Nancy Pelosi may be riding high after her draw with Trump over border security but the writing is on the wall for the Speaker.

The polls show she is still underwater with most of America, her numbers shockingly low and consistently bad over the last so many years is never good news.

The border fight is really just beginning and while she held the Democrats together there are signs they bare cracking with moderate Dems growing nervous over another shutdown.

And now she is facing another attack this time from the White House website. They have a feature where you can petition for action and quite a few people want Pelosi impeached.

From Big League Politics: A White House ‘We the People’ petition calling for the impeachment of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is quickly approaching 100,000 online signatures as of Monday…

Not only is Pelosi a traitor to America and the American people, she is third in line for the for the White House.

If anything, God forbid, should happen to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House becomes President.

That is a most frightening thought.

Pelosi needs to be placed on her broom and returned to California where she can bask in her socialist surroundings filled with over 3 million illegal aliens.



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