Imagine a World Where Liberals Acted Like Human Beings

In the STARZ series “Counterpart,” sometime in the 1960s, an East German scientist conducts an experiment which accidentally causes our world to duplicate itself, so that you have two worlds which start out alike, but — because the same individuals make different choices in each world — over time, they drift apart. In one world, a young woman might be a concert violinist, while in the other, her counterpart becomes a ruthless assassin – or works for the Democratic National Committee.

What if our reality had a counterpart?

  • Imagine a world where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understood economics and kept a framed photo of Ludwig von Mises on her desk.
  • Imagine a world where Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her colleagues had actually read the Constitution.
  • Imagine a world where the federal courts actually applied the Constitution.
  • Imagine a world where Virginia Governor Mengele was faithful to the Hippocratic Oath.
  • Imagine a world where Hillary Clinton was a housewife who baked cookies.
  • Imagine a world where Bernie Sanders didn’t poke at the air with his finger while giving a speech.
  • Imagine a world where Chuck Schumer didn’t have those annoying glasses perched near the end of his nose – and didn’t sound like a third-grade teacher lecturing her class.
  • Imagine a world without Chuck Schumer.
  • Imagine a world where Nancy Pelosi had a crush on POTUS and sent him mash notes that began: “Dear President Pooky.”
  • Imagine a world where Democrats believed in America.
  • Imagine a world where Mitt Romney was a Republican.
  • Imagine a world where Ann Coulter was reasonable instead of borderline hysterical
  • Imagine a world where Colin Kaepernick was a patriot who donated most of his income to homeless veterans.
  • Imagine a world where Hollywood studios vied with each other to make movies that were wholesome and morally uplifting.
  • Imagine a world where The New York Times reported the news, instead of running front-page editorials.
  • Imagine a world where Jim Acosta introduced Donald Trump at White House Correspondents Dinners as “My dear friend…”
  • Imagine a world where colleges and universities were dedicated to the free exchange of ideas.
  • Imagined a world where Michael Moore, instead of being an anti-American slob, was a svelte patriot.
  • Imagine a world where Jane Fonda retired from acting after making “Barbarella: Intergalactic Sex Kitten,” married a career Army officer and later started Moms for America.
  • Imagine a world where “man-made global warming” was a laugh-line.
  • Imagine a world where Islam really was the religion of peace.
  • Imagine a world where Louis Farrakhan converted to Judaism and became the president of Americans for a Safe Israel.
  • Imagine a world where Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones was warm and cuddly.
  • Imagine a world where CNN was fair and balanced.

No, that’s just too fantastic.


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