Illegal Immigration Helping Dems to Terraform America – Create an Ecosystem in Which Only They Can Survive

In thinking about the Pelosi Caravan from Central America (over 7,000-strong and growing by the minute) headed for our Southern border:

Don’t think about crime — all of the Mollie Tibbetts raped and murdered by illegals, the shootings and stabbings, the vehicular homicides, the gangs like MS-13, and the drug trafficking

Don’t think about the very real threat of terrorist infiltration. Some of the wave about to wash over the US-Mexican border reportedly are from the Middle East

Don’t think about the costs in social services, education budgets and health care

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Don’t think about anchor babies and future Dreamers

Instead, focus on how the Party of Porous Borders is using illegal immigration to terraform America.

Take California (if you must).

In 1960, the state that’s given us Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters and Jerry Brown had 30 seats in the House of Representatives, almost evenly divided (16 Democrats and 14 Republicans). That’s grown to 53 seats. After nearly 60 years of immigration unchecked, the split is not quite 3-to-1 in favor of the Party of Plunder

It’s been almost 30 since California elected a Republican to the United States Senate. All of the statewide offices – from governor to superintendent of public instruction — are held by Democrats. Given population trends, so it will remain forevermore.

Most of the illegals:

  • Will never learn English or speak it poorly and barely read it
  • Will never feel loyalty to America. Members of the Caravan aren’t marching with the Stars and Stripes but the flags on Honduras and Guatemala.
  • Will get most of their information from Univision (home of notorious Trump-baiter Jorge Ramos) and the rest of the ethnic press
  • Will be naturally drawn to the party that promises handouts galore

What they did to California, the Democrats intend to do everywhere across the fruited plain.

So far, they’re succeeding.

Unless we stop them – build the Wall now and reform our immigration laws (end asylum – which now amounts to catch and release) –  the wave headed our way will be a trickle next to what’s coming.


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Don Feder
Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

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