Illegal Aliens Sent120 Billion US Dollars to 3 Home Countries

When I lived in Arizona, I personally knew of a number of illegal aliens who lived together in a single home so they could send as much money back to their relatives in their home countries.

Some houses that were 3 or 4 bedroom had as many as 30-40 illegal aliens.

Additionally, many of the illegals worked construction or other jobs where they were paid cash under the table, meaning neither the illegals or their employers were paying any taxes on their labor.

I also knew good well-trained carpenters who couldn’t find a job to provide for their families because illegals were doing their job for less money.

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Washington Examiner – Record $120 billion sent home to 3 top nations flooding US with illegal immigrants – Immigrants from the three Central American nation’s sourcing many illegal border crossers sent a record amount of money home last year, bringing the total this decade to $120 billion.

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador all said that natives in the United States sent over $17 billion home last year alone.

Since 2009, legal and illegal immigrants from those three nations have shipped $120 billion home, according to an immigration expert citing United Nations and Latin American banking data.

And newly released Central American bank data said that the record breaking has continued this year...

Now you know that illegal aliens have siphoned $190 billion out of the United States over the past decade.

Now add to that recent reports indicate that illegal aliens are costing US taxpayers over $160 billion last year alone.

Over the past decade, the costs of illegal aliens have cost US taxpayers over $600 billion and possibly $1 trillion.

And Democrats say there is no border crisis or national emergency.



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