Ilhan Omar Endangers Her Kids While Breaking Minnesota Law

Minnesota, like many other states have passed laws requiring that children under a certain age be retrain in a child seat while in a motor vehicle.

If the child is to old for a child seat, then there are required by law to be seat belted.

Obviously, the radical Muslim Representative from Minnesota doesn’t care about obeying state laws or with the safety of her own kids.

Like many other clueless people, Omar filmed herself driving in her car with her 6-year-old daughter dancing in the backseat to music while Omar was driving.

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Her son was also not seat belted, but then the careless mom posted the incident on her Instagram page.

The Sons of Liberty Media – Ilhan Omar Endangers Child While Driving, Breaks Minnesota Law On Video – A video posted to Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Instagram story shows that she endangered her six-year-old daughter and broke a Minnesota law.

In the video, posted on April 26, 2019, Omar recorded herself from inside a moving vehicle with two of her children. Ilwad Hirsi, Omar’s six-year-old daughter, is seen in the back seat of the car dancing to music on Omar’s Instagram video without being strapped into a booster seat. Omar’s son, Adnan, is also seen in the car in Omar’s video, and both he and his sister appear to NOT be wearing seat beats, which is also a crime.

Omar is seen filming herself singing to Beyonce while driving her car with her kids, who were not wearing seat belts. This is a clear violation of the law. What type of parent films themselves while driving, and what type of parent doesn’t buckle their kids up in a seatbelt?

Along with being a Jew hater, Ilhan Omar can add bad mother to her resume. And this woman is a Congresswoman? …

Omar has proven she hates Jews, hates America and Donald Trump and it now appears that she hates being a law-abiding mom who is concerned for the safety and welfare of her own children.

If she cares so little about her own children and millions of others, then what makes her qualified to be a member of Congress?

In her nearly 5 short months in office, Ilhan Omar has shown that the only thing she does care about is her own glorification and radical Islamic agenda.

One also has to ask why no one is holding her accountable for breaking the law and endangering the lives of her children?


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