Ignorant Leftists Mistake WWII Statue for Confederate Statue

William C. Lee was born in 1895 in Dunn, North Carolina.

He served in the US Army from 1917 to 1944, attaining the rank of Major General (2 stars).

He is considered to the father of the US Army Airborne.

His hometown of Dunn, with a population of less than 10,000, honored their hometown war hero by erecting a statue to General Lee.

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The statue stands outside a museum on central North Carolina town.,

Leftists evidently mistook the statue of the World War II hero for one of Robert E. Lee and tried to destroy the statue by dowsing it with a flammable liquid and setting it on fire.

Red State – Social Justice Warriors In NC Mistake WWII Statue For Confederate Statue – And Burn It – A Dunn, North Carolina museum is reeling this week after discovering a World War II statue was vandalized. The vandal(s), it would seem, mistook the statue for a Confederate memorial.

WNCN reports on what happened:

“Never even thought it would affect us in any way at all,” said Mark Johnson, Curator of the General William C. Lee Airborne Museum in Dunn.


Police say someone doused the statue in some kind of a flammable liquid and set it on fire.


Johnson thinks the vandals wanted to make a statement about slavery and racism and he thinks the vandals could use a history lesson…

This is the same ignorance that that was seen in Chicago a few years ago when social justice radicals destroyed a decades-old bust of President Abraham Lincoln.

Their ignorance was shown in the fact that it was Lincoln who freed the slaves (black and white).

Yes, there were white slaves prior to the Civil War, consisting of Irish immigrants who fled to America.

Yet, no one ever talks about the WHITE SLAVES, just the black the ones.

But then, real history is no longer taught and no one ever said that these leftist radicals are smart in many areas.



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