If You Debate with Those Who Want Men to ‘Breastfeed,’ You’ve Already Lost

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Every day we wake up we find out that the people in charge of our culture have found a new way to degrade it. And if you think the way to stop this degradation is to have more debate, you’re quite wrong. After all, if you debate with the kind of people who want men to “breastfeed,” you’ve already lost the so-called debate simply because you agreed to it.

On Jan. 12, PJ Media posted about a feminist professor who advocates for men to “breastfeed.” The post links to a professional journal that has an abstract for what this professor wrote, so it does not appear to be a hoax. Here’s a little bit from the “Breastfeeding and sexual difference: Queering Irigaray” abstract.

It is commonly assumed that only women, and in particular women who have recently given birth, are able to breastfeed. However, through induced lactation, adoptive mothers, fathers and trans people have begun breastfeeding with greater frequency. Although breastfeeding is often regarded as a paradigmatic example of sexual difference, it actually exposes the instability of binary categories of sex.

I always appreciate hearing about the latest idiocy that is being introduced into our culture, so I tip my hat to PJ Media for posting about this. But I definitely have no desire to argue with anyone about why making men lactate is wrong. If I’d ever get into a debate about this with someone, I would lose from the moment I started.

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There seems to be an assumption in our society that we need to have more debate—that if we ever want to stop our increased polarization we need to talk more. The truth is, we need less debate. We debate about things that are downright wrong and even evil. And any time you start debating anything, you immediately give the opposition an air of legitimacy. In short, you don’t debate with someone unless you think he has at least one valid point.

And there is nothing valid about wanting to have men lactate and breastfeed. It’s evil. And if you oppose evil, you want to stop it; not help legitimize it. You shouldn’t worry about if your refusal to debate about something evil causes society to become more polarized. I’d even say you should be happy about it.

So I won’t be debating with anyone who wants men to breastfeed, just as I will not be debating with anyone who advocates for any other kind of evil. But plenty of other people do engage in such debates when given the chance.

And that’s one of many reasons why things once unthinkable have now become mainstream.

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