“If we could save just one life…”

“If we could save just one life…”

Most of the time, we hear this from a Democrat proposing yet another law that will infringe upon our rights as American citizens. After considering the law’s constitutionality and cost to implement and enforce in terms of individual sovereignty, convenience, and hard dollars, we’re often left with little benefit.

I would like to put a stake in the heart of this phrase.

When we think of a law, we have to consider a host of things: Current law, constitutionality, cost, etc. There can’t be a blanket “Well, it seems like a great idea and the polls say people want it, so let’s run with it.”

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That doesn’t mean all laws are bad, but if we don’t run them through the “does it work” machine – i.e. careful consideration — we’ll end up with stupid laws, restrictions, or bans that make people feel good such as sanctuary cities, lemonade stand permits, or bump stocks.

One law I believe we can all get behind – and that should pass the scrutiny of even the most sensible of us — is the legal requirement to build a wall on our southern border. If you get the vapors thinking of this or perhaps liken a wall to the one built in Berlin, seek help. If you’re still with me, I present one of nearly countless examples in my defense:

The Tulare sheriff office in California just released body cam video footage of an intense and fierce shoot out with an illegal who was protected by California’s new sanctuary city law. It happened on Monday of this week.

The illegal, Gustavo Garcia, was arrested for a misdemeanor by the sheriff’s office and ICE put a detainer request on him. Garcia had a lengthy rap sheet, including being deported TWICE. But because of California’s new sanctuary city law, SB54, the sheriff’s office was unable to comply with the detainer request and had to release Garcia.

Two days later Garcia then went on a crime spree, shooting several people, killing at least one, stealing a truck, and then initiated a huge gun battle with police when they caught up with him. They’ve released this video of the gun battle noting that Garcia was on a “personal reign of terror”:

Garcia later died after he crashed his car into other vehicles on a California highway.

The Sheriff of Tulare County is livid and said all of this could have been avoided if they were allowed to work with ICE. He was in this news segment below explaining what happened:

So let’s sum up. One person is dead and two others are injured. Another person is in critical condition because of Garcia’s wreck. He also put the lives of many others in danger, including the police officers who were in a shootout with him.

All of this because the Democrat state of California won’t allow the Sheriff’s office to comply with ICE detainer requests.

The part of this story that infuriates me is the callousness of California Democrat Estella Kessler, saying that if a person is intent on committing a crime, they’re going to do it.

Fine. Let them do it in their own country.

Keeping Americans safe is job one of the federal government as enshrined in the Constitution. Call illegal aliens what you want; if a certain percentage of them are assaulting and killing American citizens, halting immigration will go a long way in keeping us safe.

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