If Dems Won’t Fund Border Wall, Wounded Veteran Hopes To

While Sen. Chuck Schumer continues to lie to the Senate an all of America, telling them that the majority of the American people are against the wall, when a number of polls say otherwise, parts of the federal government have shut down over President Trump’s demand for funds to build the border wall.

Schumer also stated that border walls are ineffective, proving that he is ignorant or intentionally ignoring the facts of how effective the border walls in Yuma, Arizona and Israel have been in stopping illegal immigration.

If Democrats won’t do the right thing and fund the construction of a border wall, then one severely wounded and now disabled American veteran has set out to help do what the Democrats won’t.

Brian Kolfage, who lost both legs and his right arm while serving in Iraq, has launched a GoFundMe page to help fund the border wall.

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In Just 5 days, Kolfage’s GoFundMe page raised over $15 million, making it the second largest GoFundMe campaign in history and it’s still growing.

Voice of Europe – American veteran’s initiative to crowdfund border wall is second largest in US history in only five days – Ever since the 2016 campaign trail, President Trump, then candidate Trump, has promised to build the wall. The wall on the border of the US and Mexico to help stop the influx of immigrants crossing the border and into the US illegally.

President Trump has kept more campaign promises in his first year than any other President in recent history and his support base has grown. With an approval rating of 50 per cent he seems to be unstoppable.

Except for this wall. Congress, namely the Democrats in Congress are doing all they can to make certain this wall doesn’t come to be.

With a budget on the table now which does not cover the cost of the entire wall, Trump supporters are taking things into their own hands. At least one Trump supporter is…

Brian Kolfage nearly made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and firmly believes that illegal immigration poses a serious threat to America and that a properly built border wall is necessary to help stop the threat.

PLEASE – we beg you to go to Brian’s GoFundMe page and donate what you can.

If Democrats won’t protect America, then the American people need to do it themselves.

I also believe that the Second Amendment gives the American people the right to take up arms to defend our nation.

I also believe that if President Trump uses the construction units within our own military to build the wall, it would cut the cost by half, eliminating the labor cost since they are already paid to be in the military.

The other you can do to help protect America is to see that no other Democrat gets elected.



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