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Two news items this week reek of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance, and they have nothing to do with the NFL or the NBA. They have to do with students and religion.

First up are the members of Harvard’s Extension Cultural Studies Club who came up with the abhorrent idea of holding a “black mass” for educational purposes. This abomination was scheduled to be held on the Harvard campus. After an outcry from Catholics and the community, the original event was cancelled but The Satanists Temple decided to hold a scaled-down version of the event off campus.

Why would the Harvard club sponsor such an event in the first place? Francis Clooney, a professor at the Harvard Divinity School quotes the club’s press release announcing the event in an editorial about it, “Our purpose is not to denigrate any religion or faith, which would be repugnant to our educational purposes, but instead to learn and experience the history of different cultural practices.” Professor Clooney explains the black mass is “a practice that, as far as its murky history reveals, seems often to have included the inversion and blaspheming of Catholic sacramental practice, as well as actual worship of Satan.”

Well that doesn’t sound denigrating at all, does it?

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Father Roger Landry, writing to Harvard President Drew G. Faust to protest the event, explains the black mass further as, “A ceremony invoking Satan, mocking the Catholic Mass and desecrating what Catholics believe to be the Body of Jesus Christ — or if, implausibly, an unconsecrated host will be used, something that is at least meant to symbolize the Eucharist.”

Harvard’s Extension Cultural Studies Club could have read about a black mass and discussed it. To invite The Satanic Temple to perform one in order to experience and participate in the mockery showed complete disrespect towards the Catholic faith.

Harvard is not alone in the religious intolerance zone, though.

Reports are surfacing that high school students in Florida are playing a drinking game called Jews vs. Nazis. While this is a terrible news story of underage drinking and religious bigotry, at least it wasn’t sponsored by an educational institution.

It appears the game is not limited to Florida high school students, as there were many mentions of it online, dating back at least two years. To be fully horrified by this idea of trivializing the atrocities of the Holocaust as a means to have fun, here are the rules as they appear on (obviously not written by an English major.) They call it Nazis vs. Jews:

Nazis vs. Jews is similar to most pong games except with special World War 2 themes translated into drinking game rules to enhance the fun.

Each team has 3 players and 30 cups. The Nazi team makes a Nazi symbol with their cups and the Jew team makes a Star of David. When 18 cups are reached, you re-setup the cups to a smaller Nazi symbol and a smaller Star of David. **to make it easier, at 6 or 10 cups a triangle can be made**

The World War 2 drinking game (aka Holocaust Pong) follows rules very similar to a combination of Beer Pong and Nemesis, with teams or 3 but team based turns. There is also special rules that make the game more fun.

Special rules:

NAZIS: Blitzkrieg: When the game starts, each player on the Nazi team gets to shoot until they miss. Once every player misses Blitzkrieg is over.

NAZIS: Auschwitz: At any point during the game, they can send a player on the Jew team to Auschwitz (concentration camp), which means they cannot play until both members of the Jew team sink a ball. *For added difficulty they must get it in the same turn*

JEWS: Anne Frank: Anytime throughout the game, hide a cup wherever you want in the room, as long as it remains makeable.

The general rules for the game are also as follows: Two balls in the same cup is two cups. Bounce shots are two cups but can be swatted away by the opposing team. If all three members of the team sink in the same turn, they receive a “balls back”, meaning they all get to shoot again and the opposing team’s turn is skipped. ***If a ball is shot and a rebound is attained, a trick shot may be made. ***Rebound rule is not mandatory. Trick shots can be abolished entirely.

The cruelness and idiocy of this speaks for itself.

After hearing these two stories, it is depressing to think some of these students might be our future leaders. Do they understand that their participation in these events and games shows them to be intolerant of deeply held religious beliefs? Let’s pray they outgrow their intolerance and bigotry, because if they don’t they will be raising another generation of haters.

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Brenda Zurita is the Research Fellow for the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank for Concerned Women for America. She has researched the issues of sex trafficking, prostitution and pornography since 2005 and worked with the anti-trafficking coalition on the Trafficking Victim Protection Reauthorization Acts of 2008 and 2013. She authored an amendment for the 2008 law to disaggregate the prostitution arrest statistics category in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. She also researches and writes on the life issue, politics, feminism and cultural issues. She has written reports on the foster care system, children in prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases, the dangerous trend towards normalizing pedophilia, pornography and abortion. Her articles and commentary have appeared in several media outlets: American Thinker, TheBlaze, and The Washington Times.

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