ICE Releasing Thousands of Unchecked Illegal Aliens

Thanks to the liberals who hate America, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is forced to use a program called Catch and Release.

Instead of keeping captured illegal aliens in detention centers as they should be, they are detained, and then quickly released into the heart of America.

ICE is so overwhelmed by the thousands of illegal aliens entering the country that they don’t have time to check or document all of the detained illegals before they are forced to release them upon the American public.

This is what a letter to President Trump from the ICE union, is claiming.

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Breitbart – ICE Union: ‘Thousands of Illegal Aliens Are Being Released into U.S.’ with ‘Catch and Release in Overdrive’ – The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council says agents are being “overwhelmed” by mass, unchecked illegal immigration to the United States.

In a letter to President Trump this week, the ICE union wrote that the Catch and Release program — whereby border crossers and illegal aliens are swiftly released into the interior of the U.S. after being detained — is in “overdrive,” as agents are forced to release illegal aliens en masse to make space for new border crossers who, likewise, will eventually be released.

The ICE union letter notes:

“As you know, every day thousands of illegal aliens are being released into the United States by your Administration. ‘Catch and Release’ is not just happening, it’s in overdrive. Catch and release must continue as ICE doesn’t have sufficient custody space to hold the massive number of family units illegally entering the United States every day.” …

This news is further evidence that there is a crisis or national emergency at the southern border.

Yet, not only are Democrats massing to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration, but it appears that enough traitorous Senate Republicans are also planning on blocking Trump’s declaration.

I still say there is a critical need to not only build a border wall, but to bring out troops home from the Middle East and station them along the border with orders to stop all illegal entries into the country by whatever means is necessary.

I understand that would call for an act of Congress to authorize military use of force on American soil, but it’s about time our military protect us here in our own country instead of serving in countries that hate us and want to destroy us.



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