I Understand Facebook’s Censorship


Facebook’s systematic censorship of Christians makes it look like a communist platform owned by some Cuban or an Islamic platform owned by Saudi wealthy dictators. It does not appear even to be a U.S. service.

Although it is 100 percent American, Facebook follows the will of its owner, an American of Jewish extraction who likes the Left.

He does not like the use of his social media to promote conservative ideas.

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If we conservatives had a large social media, would we give free space to leftist ideas and the promotion of disgusting figures like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro and Islamic dictators? Of course not. Our attempt to stop the spread of evil would be labeled “censorship” by left-wingers.

The owner of Facebook, with his leftist vision, is disgusted with conservative ideas. He condemns what he dislikes, and bars in his space the spread of “evil,” which to him are conservative views.

In his left-wing morality, he is right to censor “evil.” And in our conservative morality, we are right to censor the true evil — leftism.

It might be better for each group if left-wingers had a leftist Facebook and conservatives had their own social media.

Disgraceful news: leftists already have their own Facebook, which is the largest social media, and we conservatives have nothing of the sort. So we occupy their spaces. This is the sad reality.

Unfortunately, all the major social networking services — Google, Facebook and Twitter — and all the big companies we conservatives need to access the internet — Microsoft, Apple, etc. — are of a leftist nature.

The largest capitalist country in the world, the United States, after divorcing capitalism from its old Protestant values, lends itself to serving any ideology that is profitable to it, be it leftism, Islam, or any other lucrative “ism.”

And we conservative Christians have to use all the leftist services and companies that are profitable for American capitalism.

If the marriage of communism to capitalism in China is disgusting, it is even more disgusting the American case where capitalism divorced itself from Protestantism and it has married any ideology making it profitable. American capitalism has become a great prostitute at the service of dangerous clients.

The most important struggle would be to return Protestant values to American capitalism.

But do we have time for this, given Jesus’s urgent call, which is to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons among sinners, including socialists, Muslims, atheists, capitalists, Buddhists, witches and even nominal Christians who, realizing it or not, serve to Satan?

We are instructed in the Bible to preach in season and out of season, which can be translated into preaching Jesus Christ on Facebook, Twitter, Google and beyond, whether there is censorship or not, whether there is persecution or not.

The larger mission cannot be forgotten. If leftists do not forget their mission, how can we forget ours?

Portuguese version of this article: Entendo a censura do Facebook

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