‘I Have Set Watchmen on Your Walls, O Jerusalem…’

There were a lot of inspiring moments at FRC’s Watchmen on the Wall gathering last week, but one of the best had to be the presentation of our annual award to Pastor Jeremy Schossau, the courageous leader of Detroit’s Metro City Church.

A lot of you probably remember the story of Pastor Jeremy, who was trying to help teenagers who might be struggling with their sexuality — only to come face-to-face with the entire LGBT activist movement. No sooner had Schossau launched the six-week program and the harassment began. Death threats started streaming into the church office — on Facebook, Twitter, and Metro City’s phone lines. Angry activists threatened to burn the church down or shoot members of the staff all because one congregation dared to offer healing, wholeness, and hope.

Through it all, (and “all” included a legislative call to investigate the church), Pastor Jeremy stood firm, insisting that what he was offering wasn’t hatred or intolerance — but love and truth. Local news outlets picked up on his tribute at Watchmen, noting how pastors from all over the state rallied around him and supported him.

At the award presentation, Tony explained that “God has blessed Pastor Jeremy’s faithfulness to His word.” His response was like his ministry — graceful and powerful:

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“When you preach the truth of God’s word, the fight will find you. And it’s odd and humbling to receive an award for doing the right thing… People keep saying this was an act of courage. But I can tell you, this wasn’t birthed out of an act of courage. It was an act of love. Because love, without truth, is not love.”

You won’t find a better response to the pressures of today’s culture than Pastor Jeremy’s speech.

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Tony Perkins is president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council. He is a former member of the Louisiana legislature where he served for eight years, and he is recognized as a legislative pioneer for authoring measures like the nation’s first Covenant Marriage law. (Via FRC’s Washington Update. Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.)

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