I Dare a Pro Athlete to Kneel in Protest of ‘Pride Month’

When the NFL announced that it would prohibit players from kneeling during the national anthem at football games, some people thought that ended the issue. It didn’t. And as players, owners, media, and others ramp up their support for the display of disrespect, I dare a pro athlete to meet them head on by taking a knee to protest “Pride Month.”

Breitbart ran a headline on June 14 announcing that “NFL Players Association Preparing for Legal Fight Over Anthem Policy.” Other stories also made it clear that media and other backers of protesting the national anthem aren’t giving up.

I don’t support players and others kneeling during the anthem. But since I now have utter contempt for the NFL, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it continuing. After all, I want them to destroy the football league.

At the same time, if these people want conflict the only sensible thing to do is grant it to them. Therefore, I dare any pro athlete (NFL or otherwise) to be the first to take a knee to protest Pride Month. I dare him to be the first and to make it an ongoing thing.

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For those not up-to-date on it, June is designated as Pride Month in order to celebrate all the sexual deviancy that the LGBTQI-infinity-plus-one movement has brought us. So now is the perfect time to both defy a reprehensible celebration and to strike back against all those who endorse kneeling during the national anthem.

Kneeling to protest the pro-deviancy movement would be met with swift and unwavering condemnation from the media and Ruling Class, of course. And I suspect there isn’t a pro athlete out there who has both the Christian faith and courage necessary to do such a thing. But if there is, he could simply respond to the condemnation by saying, “You started it.”

Even if it wasn’t Pride Month, starting to kneel in protest of degeneracy couldn’t come at a better time. Earlier this month, CrossFit fired one of its employees, Russell Berger, because he dared to offer the mildest of pushback against Big Deviancy.

The spoiled brats of the NFL and their supporters are religiously committed to protesting the national anthem. They insist that it is their right to do so—that they must be allowed to do so as part of their freedom of speech. Fine. If that’s the case, then it would be great if someone would throw freedom of speech right back at them; freedom of speech for a good cause instead of a bad one.

So here’s to encouraging some pro athlete to have the moral fortitude to kneel in protest of Pride Month. And preferably he’d do it while eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

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