Hypocrisy Exposed In Some Who Claim Tolerance

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You hear the word tolerance a lot, but those who often use the word are the most intolerant and we have seen that first hand in the Kim Davis case.

Mat Staver: Matt, in the Kim Davis case, the issue of tolerance wasn’t there on the side that’s promoting same-sex marriage. Rather, it was exactly the opposite.

We received lots of death threats. Kim Davis received lots of death threats. One of the death threats was to her husband. They had to change the home phone because of this. They got her home phone, somebody called her husband said they were going to beat him, tie him up, rape her in his presence and then burn down the house with them in it.

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One said that they were going to come to the office and kill her and kill all of her staff.

We’ve received death threats that we’re going to have a bullet in our head. In fact, someone there in Kentucky called also an said that we will face the death penalty and that our attorneys will be carried out of Kentucky in body bags. And it goes on and on and on.

And not just the death threats, but whether it’s Twitter and Facebook and email, phone calls…just vile, vulgar kinds of photos, and language and hate. It was absolutely stunning. And our staff dealt with that in a very professional, but also Christ-like manner as well. But this is the face of this very intolerant agenda. It’s not about tolerance live and let live. It’s about if you don’t agree…it’s not even about you remaining silent, not opposing it. That’s not enough…it’s about affirmatively participating and supporting same-sex marriage. And if you have a conscience conflict, if you have a religious conviction, then you better get over it and if you don’t we will punish you and we will ultimately come after you as an individual.

Matt Barber: Matt, this whole saga, it occurred to me, it’s reminiscent of the story in Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19 when Lot and his house took in a couple angels, they came in to visit and wanted to sleep in the town square and he said no, you come, you stay with us. And the homosexual men of Sodom and Gomorrah surround the house and they said “Send them out!” They pounded on the doors and there was this spirit of anger and lust. 

Well, this white-hot hatred that we see levied toward Kim Davis and her family and Liberty Counsel right now and the death threats. It’s not a live and let live “well you have your beliefs, this is America and we all get to have our beliefs, let’s go along to get along.” It’s not that attitude. It’s we demand that you affirm our position, that you call evil good and good evil, that you violate your conscience and go against what the Bible teaches about sex and sexuality…


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