How to Make Sense of this Lunacy

They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. (Isaiah 5:20)

Men can be women….at the snap of the fingers. Children in the womb….can be murdered by their mothers. I have to be careful of what I say in public…..but secular musicians promote debauchery, even calling women, B*tchs and hoes, to rampant applause. They have removed everything remotely related to God, in my children’s classroom……and replaced it with pro-LGBT propaganda.

How about this:  The empathy displayed by the public, for a religious political system, which so far, has only been acted out correctly (according to their “holy book”) by a group genocidal terrorists in the Middle East…….. society’s empathy for their deceptive system, far outweighs the patience and acceptance for Christianity, which promotes peace, life, restoration and forgiveness.

I’m sure that you could add to this list of ridiculousness easily.

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If you are like me, you probably hear such mind numbing things on a daily basis. It’s a bit like water torture. The first number of drops, are just drops; we roll our eyes at them, and go on with life. Then we get into the first hour of water torture, and the drops become annoying. But after a repeated drip, for an extended period of time, the drip feels like someone banging us on the head with a pool ball. Eventually, it will feel like a hammer, driving you into insanity.

Doesn’t today’s millennialist social justice warrior make us feel the same way?  Like someone is whacking is upside the head with a hammer? Isn’t it just maddening, listening to protesters regurgitate inaccurate facts? Regurgitate liberal attitudes, just to fit in at school?

At first, the little silly things, just seemed like “little silly things”. They will disappear with the going down of the sun. We ignore them to a point.

But the bible tells us, a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. And the silly little things that have gone unchallenged, set the bar for other silly little things to go public. The lump started to leaven.

Now we have some real issues, don’t we?

We ignored certain special interest groups, saying,

Whatever, each to his own! It doesn’t affect me!

But you know what, it’s the special interest groups (especially under the Obamacide admin) that gained enough of a foothold, that they are the ones that are telling us what to do now. And they are now protected by a crooked judicial system.

People ask,

Why don’t the special interest groups just leave us alone? Like stay outta my church or my kid’s school!”

My answer? It’s not they who are powering “their movement”.

A classic Christian read is “The Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis. In the book, Lewis gives us a look into the conversations between demons and their sneaky plans to infect people’s lives with wrong. I don’t think that theme could be more relevant in our current situation, in this World today. We try and make sense of the absolute craziness going on, and can’t. Even if we were to look through the glasses of secular, godless philosophy, none of this makes sense. Much of it stands in opposition to logic, and is even the enemy of Empirical Science.

The only way of interpreting this madness, is through the biblical volume.

If you try and make sense of a group of people trying to crash the border of a sovereign nation; demanding entrance, “just because”, you….will….go….crazy.

But before you go out and get fitted for a nice little backwards, white jacket, know this:

    There is a sensible interpretation 

       of what is happening today.

The only way to make sense of the absolute departure from common sense, the twisted entitlement, or the spiral to death under the cloak or human rights, is to realize that this is not an earthly battle, but a spiritual battle that is being fought.

Realizing this, should not cause one to stop being the squeaky wheel against abortion or gay marriage. But what it should do is three things:

  1. Relieve the frustration you feel. It’s a spiritual thing we are dealing with. If your arguments against people who are a woman at 6 AM, and a goat at 7PM, are not stopping this person from eating tin cans and pooping on the kitchen floor, don’t lament.
  2. Cause you to pray first. These battles will be won through prayer. You are dealing with the Princes of the power of the air (Eph. 2:2), so fight appropriately. You don’t bring a popsicle stick to fight a guy with a gun, right?
  3. Cause Christians to take every opportunity to tell these people about Jesus. Until they understand the love of Christ, have the scales taken off their eyes, and become heaven bound, everything you say may seem ludicrous. Preach Jesus first!

What we are up against, is the enemy, working through people who are not, God’s children (1 John 3:10). We hope they join us, truly. But don’t expect them to look at your pearls of wisdom (Matt 7:6) and run off cured from their spiritual blindness.

Maybe, your conversation with them, will be an entry point, to them looking more into Jesus, or at least changing their viewpoint on social issues. But don’t be surprised if your conversation drives even more of a wedge between you and them (unless changing their political views brings them more cash).

Again, I encourage frustrated Christians everywhere to pray. Prayer is the way to change the craziness of this society. I’m not saying, to be quiet (quite the opposite), if you oppose something that just doesn’t make sense. I’m just saying: don’t do it without bathing it in prayer.

Prayer is our sword.


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JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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