How to Be a Godly Campus Rebel in 2016

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Among your New Year’s resolutions, maybe you should include this: pledging to become a rebel, especially if you are a college student or work for a Christian institution.

I know, I know– for Christians, “rebellion” has a bad reputation. It sounds unprincipled and sinful.

But the Bible has another term for it: standing in the gap ( Ezekiel 22:30). As America declines, our country desperately needs counter-cultural revolutionaries, those willing to risk a public stance for the Lord’s truth.

I hope I am wrong, but to my knowledge, no Christian college faculty member or visible student group has publicly “stood in solidarity” with Kim Davis, Aaron and Melissa Klein, Barronelle Stutzman, or with any of the growing list of people losing jobs, homes, businesses, finances, and even freedom for their Christian convictions on marriage.

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True rebellion is rare among today’s youth. Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, campus demonstrators revolted against the establishment. Now, the typical college kid thinks it’s daring to donate to a food bank or choose a Prius for that first car.

Today’s students prefer to reinforce establishment, leftist narratives. They hold tepid “protests,” a Greek chorus echoing propaganda like #BlackLivesMatter, “marriage equality,” or the “war on women.” Sadly, they become useful idiots, part of movements financed by billionaire puppeteers like George Soros.

Activism to embrace climate change is a yawn– even our president has bought this ridiculous deception. And abortion “rights”? Those are your grandmother’s abortion clinics, kids.

You would think we’d see godly pushback by the Christian groups on secular campuses. But no–we are seeing the opposite: fawning accommodation to behaviors God has called an “abomination.” Intervarsity invites homosexual apologist Andrew Marin to pontificate about how badly homosexuals have been treated by Christians. I’m sorry– I’m not buying this. Vicious cyber-bullying by “gays” is a daily occurrence for me and most pro-family advocates. Where’s the outcry about this?

The rebels are on Christian campuses, yet going in the wrong direction, like Larycia Hawkins at Wheaton with her ungodly hijab. Two lesbian basketball players at Pepperdine, Layana White and Haley Videckis, sued the school under a Title VII and Title IX sexual orientation and sex discrimination argument. They just received a thumbs-up from an establishment-affirming U.S. district judge, moving their suit to the next level. The girls suffered “harassment and discrimination” from the team and school because of their relationship, the suit alleges.

Good job, ladies, defying our actual U.S. Title VII and Title IX laws, which have nothing to do with sexual orientation; common decency and morality; and mostly importantly, Almighty God.

Some upstarts are far-left attorneys like Paul Southwick, a graduate of a Quaker school (George Fox) but now proudly homosexual. He’s also a candidate for political office in Oregon and represents unrepentant sinners on Christian campuses, advising open homosexuals and gender-benders to sue using a Title IX defense. He joins the numerous voices led by the Human Rights Campaign calling for blatant denial of first amendment religious freedom about sexual morality.

Remember, the “LGBT” elites will tell you what you are permitted to believe.

These are the revolutionaries we get these days: sexually corrupted youth shaking their fists at both the American Constitution and our gracious God.

This is not the kind of rebellion I am recommending.

Positive challenge would start with standing up against homosexual behavior in a public setting, even if you are ridiculed. And you will be, but it’s okay.

But where are the faculty or students daring a visible stand in favor of authentic marriage? Or witnessing about Christ near a mosque? The media would make mincemeat out of you, but it’s the right thing to do. Or protesting abortion clinics?  There seem to be precious few Christian college youth joining in.

Yet students are in that stage of life to step out against the wickedness of the “establishment.” Right now, many in the older generation in America, even those in judicial robes, are nodding tolerantly at anal sex between two men as the foundation of a “marriage,” or as a legitimate alternate dating practice for teen boys. Too many in my generation agree that two women, if they abhor authentic male organs, are doing something “natural” when they use a plastic substitute.

These deviant practices are harmful and supporting them is crazy, and young people should be willing to step out and say so.

The establishment today bleeds in sympathy for Muslims but scorns  pro-family and pro-life warriors. Unbelievers are a ripe field for preaching the Gospel– so where are the testimonies of the faithful? Virtue is not cool, but it’s Christ-like. Where’s the outcry about the sexual brokenness of America and where it’s taking us?

And while opposing sex trafficking is a worthy cause, it carries no risk. Everyone’s against that. So keep doing that–and then get out of your comfort zone and be a real rebel on a more difficult issue.

That’s what we should be seeing from Wheaton, at Biola and elsewhere: faculty and students launching “” campaigns to support those who take a stand against “LGBT” demands. Maybe it’s happening behind the scenes. But it needs to happen in public as well, as a witness to the atheist journalists hoping for Christian institutions to implode.

We have the truth and the Lord on our side. Whom shall we fear?

If bored Christian faculty or students are looking for “oppressed” groups to defend, here’s one. Never have I heard a Christian college academic ponder why homosexual supporters hate conservative Christians so much, and why we are unfairly targeted.

The Kleins, Mrs. Stutzman, Kelvin Cochran, Jack Phillips have all been the targets of well-orchestrated hate. Who is passing out flyers on Christian campuses, calling for support for these brave warriors?

Not, to my knowledge, anyone at Christian seminaries or colleges. Maybe I am wrong. Please let me know if I am.

If not, I am really hoping this changes during 2016.

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