‘How Great Thou Art’ Song Prohibited by Mississippi Lawsuit

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The 19th century waltz called “The Band Played On” is not what happened in Mississippi at the Rankin County School Board because of a lawsuit that stopped the band from playing a song called “How Great Thou Art.”

Mat Staver: Matt, this particular court order from a judge said that the defendants, the school district, are permanently enjoined from including prayer, religious sermons or activities at any school sponsored event including, but not limited to, assemblies, graduations, awards ceremonies, athletic events, and any other school event. That’s according to the judge.

This band had practiced “How Great Thou Art” and they were forced to cease. This was at the Brandon High School and they had a cease and desist with regards to their halftime show that they were going to include “How Great Thou Art.” This is a tragedy, Matt, that they can’t actually sing or play a composition because it’s a religious or Christian song. But this is the tragedy that is happening with the courts in our country.

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Matt Barber: Pure viewpoint discrimination, unconstitutional. They are secular leftists, Mat, and the atheists pushed for this. They’re engaging in religious cleansing here. They want all vestiges of  our Judeo-Christian heritage in the United States wiped out, white-washed, and our history revised to reflect a false history that we are somehow a secular nation and just disregard our Judeo-Christian roots. 

And the First Amendment and Freedom of Religion, religious expression and so forth. It is a myth that the band would be not permitted by the Constitution, by the so-called establishment clause, to play a hymn, a famous hymn instrumentally at the halftime show. 

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