How Democrats’ New Single-Payer Healthcare Bill Would Destroy Healthcare

For months, we have been hearing Democrats tout their desire for a free Medicare for all healthcare system. This has been heavily pushed by socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The initial cost was estimated to be about $30 trillion over the first ten years, or $3 trillion a year. Compare this cost to the total federal budget for 2019 which is about $4.407 trillion.

The $4.407 trillion federal budget for 2019 includes a deficit of about $985 billion. What do you think another $3 trillion would do to the federal budget and deficit? Of course, both Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez propose paying for their free Medicare for all by not only removing the tax cuts given to businesses, but they want to increase corporate taxes, raise estate taxes for the wealthy to around 75% and tax the wealthy up to 90%.

They fail to understand that such tax measures would cost millions of jobs, workers would lose their homes causing the housing market to crash. It would also result in many people declaring bankruptcy which could threaten the financial status of banks, lending companies and many businesses that offer credit cards. The end result would be a recession or depression worst than that one we recently climbed out of.

While Democrats and the media are publicly talking about a free Medicare for all system, what they are really pushing is a single-payer form of healthcare, with the single-payer being the federal government. If you thought the free Medicare for all was scary, consider what their single-payer system would do:

  1. Medicare and other insurance programs would be eliminated. Additionally, it would eliminate the coverage provided to about 2.2 million people who receive care through the Indian Health Service and the 9.3 million veterans enrolled for care by the Veterans Administration.
  2. The language of the bill would prohibit any restrictions to the use of federal funding for women’s health programs, by placing the single-payer system outside the Hyde Amendment, thus no one could hold back any federal funding for abortion clinics.
  3. Increased spending per reported:

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“Section 204 of the new bill federalizes the provision of long-term supports and services as part of the single-payer benefit package. Prior versions of the bill had retained those services as part of the Medicaid program, implemented by states with matching funds from the federal government.”

‘In addition, the revised bill eliminated language in Section 202(b) of the Sanders legislation, which permitted co-payments for prescription drugs to encourage the use of generics. With the co-payments (capped at an annual maximum of $200 in the Sanders bill from last Congress) eliminated, the bill envisions the federal government providing all health services without cost-sharing. This change, coupled with the federalization of long-term supports and services, will result in increased spending—as more people demand ‘free’ health care.”

  1. Faster phasing out of private insurance policies. The original bill called for a four-year phasing out of all private insurance, but the new bill has reduced that phasing out period to only two-years.
  2. Rationing and dictation to medical providers. There would be no fee-for-service payments. However, the revised bill would dictate budgets for ‘hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, qualified health centers, home health agencies and dialysis facilities’. This could and probably would lead to the rationing of vital health care needs.
  3. Compensation caps:

“Section 611(b)(5) of the new bill would limit ‘compensation costs for any employee or any contractor or any subcontractor employee of an institutional provider receiving global budgets,’ by applying existing pay restrictions on government contractors to hospitals and facilities in the single-payer program. These restrictions might lead some to wonder whether hospitals could truly be considered independent entities, or merely an arm of the state.”

  1. Elimination of for-profit medicine:

“ Section 614(a) of the revised bill states that ‘payments to providers…may not take into account…or be used by a provider for’ marketing; ‘the profit or net revenue of the provider, or increasing the profit or net revenue of the provider;’ any type of incentive payment—’including any value-based payment;’ and political contributions prohibited by government contractors…”

  1. Elimination of patents. Basically, the revised bill would strip companies, like pharmaceuticals, medical supply, medical technology or medically necessary assistive equipment, of their patents if they fail to negotiate a reasonable price.

You can read more about what this bill means by clicking here.

There are other ramifications that will completely destroy all of healthcare as you know it, contained in the single-payer bill that has been introduced by House Democrats. Folks, this is socialist medicine in its most dangerous form. If this alarms you, then let your Senator and Representative know how you feel.


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R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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