How Can These Things Be?

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According to a 2012 Gallup poll, 77% of Americans identified themselves as “Christians.” While this number is down nearly 15 points from 1990, something is clearly wrong in America.

The Pew Research Center, in 2012, found that Protestants and those identified as “Other Christians” were almost evenly split in their voting preferences between the two major political parties, and have been since 2000. White Protestants tended to favor conservative candidates by nearly two-to-one, and born-again Christians or evangelicals by three-to-one. Also in 2012, black Protestants, voted for Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is, nearly unanimously (95%).

How is it that people who claim to be Christians, attend churches every week and support them financially and do good works in their communities, can go into the polls on the first Tuesday in November and defy everything they profess to believe and value?

Over the past seven years, we have seen horrifying and malignant changes in America.  An unknown mediocre, do-nothing, part-time U.S. Senator from Illinois arose to occupy the White House with two bags full of negatives and no coherent message except his race and a few vague platitudes about hope and change, whose eligibility for office is still in doubt.  Rampant sexual perversion of every kind is being forced upon the public through the media, judicial tyranny and executive orders sanctioning same-sex marriages and transsexual absurdity.

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In 2016, America’s longtime friends and allies are being snubbed, as our government courts terrorist Muslim states.  Christians are viciously targeted by the administration and its media operatives simply because they oppose the hideous changes wrought by a belligerent godless culture, refuse to participate in them and refuse to remain silent about the dangers they portend.

The Democrat party has given America the socialist, Bernie Sanders, and the belligerent criminal, Hillary Clinton, and asked the public to choose between them.  It’s public knowledge that Mrs. Clinton violated numerous U.S. espionage laws, even though the decision about whether the F.B.I. will file charges has not yet been announced.  Her incompetence cost American lives at the Libyan embassy in Benghazi.  When questioned about the incident, waving her arms wildly, she callously responded, “People died; what difference does any of that make now?”

It’s well-known that the Democrat party preaches abortion-on-demand from every rooftop.  In fact, it’s been one of Clinton’s primary issues in her campaign–that too many women “still do not have access to abortion services.”  This same Democrat party has been pushing the gay agenda for over 30 years.  The DNC is the party of abortion, celebrating perversity, fomenting racial and economic division, institutionalized theft and misinterpretation of the Constitution.

Under the Obama administration, the national debt has doubled and will continue to grow at an unsustainable rate.  Obamacare has been a monumental failure that has helped almost no one, but costs everyone a great deal.  Illegal and lawless executive orders have cost the lives of hundreds of innocent Americans as illegal criminal aliens are released onto an unsuspecting public.

Thousands of Syrian “refugees” are coming to our neighborhoods who have not been investigated to determine if ISIS terrorists are among them.  Ten thousand Muslims are already here who have ties to terrorist groups that the Department of Homeland Security has lost track of.  They are in the United States and their visas have expired and D.H.S. has no idea where they are.

Nevertheless, in November, millions of Americans who call themselves Christians will cast their votes for Democrat candidates who will do all that they can to keep the river of innocent blood flowing from Planned Parenthood clinics.  Hillary Clinton will continue to promise “gifts” from the treasury to those who vote for her.  If elected, she will shield the N.E.A. from accountability for their failure to educate children to even minimal standards, as they continue to indoctrinate kids into believing that they can be any sex they choose.

How can these things be?  The answer is simple–deception.  Voters have refused to acknowledge that the Democrat Party is desperately wicked and hopelessly corrupt.  Untold millions will vote for Clinton knowing that she is has no integrity and is not trustworthy.  Nearly everyone recognizes the wisdom of the scripture, “He who is faithful is little is faithful in much and he who is unfaithful in little will be unfaithful in much.”  Nevertheless, we regularly elect people to public office who have proven themselves to be unfaithful and dishonorable, hoping that they will miraculously aspire to greatness.  We have the opportunity to make that dreadful mistake again.

For the true Christian, faith and love for Christ rules over every decision he makes.  For the fraudulent and the Democrat, “faith” is always held in ruthless submission to political preference.  The lesson in the ongoing controversy over transgender policy is that the freedom of the righteous cannot coexist with the liberty of the wicked.  The two will always be in mortal conflict.  This November, Americans will decide which one shall prevail.  May God help us choose rightly.

Loyalty to a noble cause is a worthy endeavor, but loyalty for its own sake costs one’s own soul.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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