How Can I Support Carson If I’m a Racist?

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I’ve been called a racist (by racists) so many times on radio and television talk shows that sometimes in deep introspection I wonder if I might harbor latent racism. I have never hated anyone, even the low brow, non-thinking leftists whom I have encountered in my political life and media contacts. Such people are pathetically hopeless, helpless, and hapless individuals who always stand with the loudest crowd. They seldom if ever disagree with their friends and supporters as a matter of principle.

According to modern mythology only white people can be racists and we must admit our racism in remorseful tones when discussing race. If we are not contrite enough to satisfy the self-appointed black leaders (who have Doctorates in Hypocrisy) then we will be hated, labeled, and drawn and quartered at sunset.

Black militants in the North, with help from liberal Whites formed the NAACP in 1909 to be a more militant, strident voice headed by W.E.B. Du Bois, a black radical Socialist who joined the Communist Party in 1961. Du Bois was probably the best educated Black in the past hundred years (first Black to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard) and a vocal critic of Booker T. Washington, a leading Black moderate–and my boyhood hero. Du Bois left America for Ghana in 1961 and died there on Aug. 27, 1963. I didn’t give a flip about his race or color. I disliked him intensely because he was a Red. But I’m not supposed to say that.

But how can I be a racist if I support Ben Carson for President? Moreover, how can George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington be lifetime heroes of mine? How can I hate blacks when I supported Herman Cain for President and wish Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell were friends and neighbors? And how can I be a bigot when I have very close friends who are black? So, evidently, it is not racism but something else that determines whom I like, will vote for, and want as neighbors and friends. What I like is character– which is missing in most, yes, most people and most politicians.

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I think Ben Carson would make an excellent President even though he is not politically sophisticated. But then, that might be in his favor. He is very intelligent so he knows he doesn’t have the knowledge and experience of seasoned politicians but he knows he can rent brains. Same with Trump, no one can be fully informed and experienced, but such people can be hired.

Most liberals are unaware that they are unaware and that’s dangerous. They usually have no knowledge that they have no knowledge. Carson is aware of his inabilities since he is an honest man. It is a good thing to be honest when honesty is popular but to be honest when it is out of fashion is magnificent. Honesty is often out of fashion in the political world.

Not too sure about Trump’s awareness. The very rich have a tendency to think that they can do anything and Trump may be that type. Since the wealthy make quick decisions, Trump may have a tendency to circumvent congress and issue executive orders willy-nilly. I don’t want that even if the orders are good ones. I’m concerned about precedent and am worried about my posterity.

I have been asked whom I support for President and since Ronald Reagan and Larry McDonald (a Democrat) are dead, I must choose from what is available. My first choice is Ted Cruz. He is a Christian (Baptist), a Constitutionalist, and a Conservative. He has also shown commitment, courage, and character in his public and private life. I could get very excited about a Cruz-Carson ticket or a Carson-Cruz ticket. I will support Cruz if he manages to rise in the polls but as of today, I choose Carson.

Next on my list would be Mike Huckabee who probably has the same characteristics as Carson and Cruz and he is also a Baptist. Well, if I am a bigot then he should outrank Carson; however, Mike seems to be too quick to “let government do it.” I think government has done too much already. The federal government should coin money, protect us from our enemies, and maybe run the Interstate system. I don’t want a theocracy even if run by a Baptist but I do want a republic as envisioned by our founding fathers. Our republic has been totally perverted by politicians of both parties in the last hundred years, especially the last twenty-five years.

My choice may change as new revelations are made regarding other candidates but right now this “racist” has chosen a black man to be his President. Moreover, numerous other Fundamentalists and Evangelicals have made the same decision. I know I don’t hate Blacks and I assume other Christians don’t either.

We had a good example of racism when 93% of Blacks voted for Obama but it is not polite to say such things. In 2016, let all Americans think, pray, and work to put another black man in the oval office–absent a Cruz stampede. Carson will govern as a conservative and might give us a little more peace, financial stability, and harmony.

And he doesn’t golf, so that will save us a pile of money.

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Dr. Don Boys
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