House Freshman Socialist Declared New Leader of Democratic Party by Alt-Liberal Michael Moore

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has been the king of contradictions.

If you recall the Occupy Wallstreet fad that swept America during Obama’s tenure in the White House?

Liberals all over the nation were protesting the wealthy 1%, demanding that they should be forced to share their fortunes with people who never worked for it.

Moore fully supported the movement and call for the wealthy to share their wealth, but Moore, who is worth many millions of dollars didn’t share any of his wealth.

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Now, Moore is declaring freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the new leader of the Democratic Party.

Fox News – Michael Moore says Dems need to accept far-left Ocasio-Cortez as party leader: ‘No middle ground anymore’ – Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore declared U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the new leader of the Democratic Party, while urging political moderates to take a position because there “is no middle ground anymore.”

“She is the leader. Everybody knows it. Everybody feels it,” Moore said of the freshman congresswoman from New York during a Friday interview on MSNBC.

Moore said the age requirement to run for president – 35 – should be constitutionally amended so that Ocasio-Cortez could make a play for the White House. He said Ocasio-Cortez is the leader of a movement, citing a Fox News poll that showed voters favored her proposal to increase the tax rate to 70 percent for the richest Americans…

There is no doubt that the sewagestream media also considers Ocasio-Cortez to the darling and rising star of the Democratic Party.

The popularity of Ocasio-Cortez is frightening since she was quick to start pushing her socialist policies once she was sworn into Congress last month.

She touts free Medicare for all, a program that will cost US taxpayers at least $3 trillion a year.

Like some of her fellow freshmen socialists, she wants to fund the free Medicare for all by heavily taxing the wealthy.

She has no idea of the economic devastation such a taxation would create, but then it seems that all of the socialists, from Obama to Clinton to Sanders to Ocasio-Cortez want to destroy America so they can take over and establish their socialist nightmare.



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