House Democrats Set to Condemn Anti-Semitism – Yawn

House Democrats are poised to pass a meaningless resolution that says anti-Semitism is hateful, hurtful and generally not cool.

The resolve also condemns Islamophobia, which has gotten so bad that there are now two Muslim women in Congress and roughly twice the number of mosques in America that there were pre-911. Talk about oppression!

The resolution won’t mention Rep. Ilhan Omar (Delusional, MN) by name.  That might embarrass her. In only two months in Congress, Hajib Lady has attacked Jews three times.

The freshman rep has said AIPAC buys Congressional support for Israel with campaign cash (“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby”) – which would be illegal, by the way. She recently accused American Jews of dual loyalty. Is that true of millions of Christian Zionists as well? And when was the last time Omar criticized any Muslim country — anywhere?

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Knowing how she felt, Pelosi put Omar on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, which gave her the opportunity to ask Elliott Abrams (the President’s special envoy to Venezuela) if he’d support genocide if he perceived it to be in America’s interests. Omar supports the Maduro regime, which burns aid shipments to keep Venezuelans starving and submissive.

Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said he’s “not close to” pushing for Omar’s removal from his committee. What would it take to get him there? Perhaps he’s waiting for her to deface a synagogue.

Bernie Sanders and Commissar Ocasio-Cortez rushed to Omar’s defense. Bernie is a Jew-in-name-only who’s loyal to the international proletariat. During the campaign, after making inane comments about the Israeli occupation of “Palestine,” AOC discovered she had Ashkenazi ancestry, probably the same way Woo-Woo Warren learned of her genetic ties to Crazy Horse.

Where are the resolutions condemning Democrats who condone Louis Farrakhan (“Jews are termites”)? Bill Clinton sat on the stage with him at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. How about Democratic candidates, like Hillary, who seek the blessing of The Rev. Al Sharpton – whose demagoguery sparked the 1991 Crown Heights pogrom?

Still, stupid liberal Jews will greet the resolution with hosannas, as they fork over the Benjamins to the party of open borders (you think Hondurans are the only ones infiltrating America’s southern border?) — the party which plots to turn half of Eretz Israel over to the anti-Semites and pogromists of Hamas.

With certain honorable exceptions, there are two types of Democrats in Congress, anti-Semites and those who tolerate them. Then there are the Jewish donors who enable both.

There’s another Holocaust brewing, and Democrats are telling the storm troopers, “Oh, behave!”

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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

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