House Democrats Refuse to Allow Shooting Victim Rep. Steve Scalise to Testify on Gun Control

I’ve long advocated that Democrats are not concerned with the truth and they don’t want anyone else to hear or know the truth.

On gun control, they continue to spew the same old lies over and over again, even after they have been proven to be lies.

I have accused some of them to their face that they are either intentionally lying or are so blinded by their warped ideology that they are unable to understand the truth.

The same can be said by today’s House Democrats who are trying to hold hearings on more gun control legislation, but are refusing to allow Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) to testify, even though he is the victim of a shooting.

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Breitbart – Shooting Survivor Steve Scalise: Democrats Will Not Let Me Testify Against Gun Control – Shooting survivor and U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) says the Democrats refused his request to testify against the gun control currently being pushed in the House.

Steve Scalise says Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) asked Democrats to let Scalise give testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and they told him no.

Fox News reports that Scalise decided to make public the testimony he would have given, testimony that explains why universal background checks will not reduce gun violence or make Americans safer.

Scalise referenced the June 14, 2017, Congressional baseball shooting in which he was nearly killed. He noted that the gunman acquired his guns via background checks, just as nearly every mass shooter of the 21st century has done. Because of this means of acquisition, Scalise notes that universal background checks would not have stopped the shooting from taking place…

The American people need to be greatly concerned by what is happening in the Democrat controlled house.

Why would House Speaker Nancy Pelosi assign a Muslim with well-known anti-Semitic views to serve on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs?

Note that the media has literally taken freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an admitted socialist, and made her into a celebrity above most politicians.

More and more Democrats are starting to support measures that will definitely throw the United States into a severe recession and even possibly into a severe depression that could result in the financial collapse of our nation.

It’s reasons like this that they don’t want Scalise to testify concerning gun control, since he is pro-Second Amendment.



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