House Democrats Pushing Measure to Make Private Gun Sales a Crime

Gun control was big news a major political point just a year or so ago, but then it seems to have waned in the eyes of the media, but gun control is NOT dead.

Democrats still have the goal of removing all firearms from private ownership.

After all, they are socialists and disarming the public is a basic mandate of a successful socialist takeover of any nation.

They know they can’t accomplish this all at once, but they continue to chip away at our Second Amendment rights bit by bit.

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Their latest bit is a measure that House Democrats are hoping to bring to a floor vote – a measure that would make all private sales of firearms a criminal offense.

Breitbart – House Democrats Plan Vote to Criminalize Private Gun Sales – House Democrats plan a floor vote to criminalize private gun sales and add an indefinite extension to the time to complete a NICS instant background check.

The criminalization of private gun sales is being achieved via H.R. 8, a universal background check bill that will make it a crime for a friend to sell a gun to a lifelong friend without government permission. The bill will also make it a crime for a neighbor to sell a gun to a neighbor he has known for decades, unless government permission is sought.

The House Democrats named their universal background check bill H.R. 8 to honor Gabby Giffords for her eight years of survival since being shot during a constituent meet-and-greet in Tucson. Ironically, the bill they are pushing in her honor would not have prevented the attack she suffered because the gunman who came after her acquired his gun via a background check…

In addition to criminalizing all private sales of firearms without government permission, but the measure also would extend the length of time to carry out a federal background check for all gun purchases, private or from licensed dealers.

Instead of the standard three day wait for a background check, the measure would allow a full thirty days, delaying the buyer from taking possession of the firearm, even if they had already paid for the gun.

Bit by bit, Democrats are trying to chip away at our gun rights.



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