House Controlled by Democrats Ready for New Trump Investigation and Impeachment

Sadly, Democrats won enough seats in the House to take control away from Republicans.

Fortunately, Republicans not only retained control of the Senate, but gained a few seats by taking at least 4 seats away from the Democrats, with biggest upsets being the defeat of Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

The scariest part of the midterm elections is that the three biggest Trump-haters, all from California, were overwhelmingly re-elected – Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.

Come January, when all of the Representatives are sworn into office, they will begin blocking EVERYTHING that President Trump tries to accomplish in fulfilling his promise to make America great again.

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Fox News – The incoming Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has the power to open a slew of investigations into the White House and President Trump when the new Congress is seated in January, and early indications are that Democrats plan to aggressively take advantage of their new authority.

Bogging down the Trump administration with burdensome document requests and subpoenas could backfire, political analysts tell Fox News, but there is little doubt that the strategy — made more viable by heightened partisanship and loosened congressional norms — would impair Republicans’ messaging and even policy goals for the next two years.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who aims to reclaim the position of House speaker when her colleagues vote on leadership roles in the coming weeks, recently seemed to threaten to use congressional subpoenas as a cudgel against the White House.

“Subpoena power is interesting, to use it or not to use it,” Pelosi said at a conference in October, referring to the authority of House committees to summon individuals and organizations to testify or provide documents under penalty of perjury. “It is a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects.” She added that she would use the power “strategically.” (Trump has flatly called Pelosi’s plan “illegal.”) …

When Republicans took control of the House from Democrats while Obama was occupying the White House, their leadership was weak and wimpy and caved into the pressures of Obama and Democrats.

You can be assured that House Democrats won’t be as weak and compromising as the Republicans were under Obama.

They are vowing to hold their own investigations of Donald Trump, still claiming that he colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election and on the sexual allegations that have been levied against him.

Some Democrats are also vowing to impeach Trump, citing a number of reasons, most of which have never been proven and ignoring the fact that they fully supported Bill Clinton after his adultery in office was proven.


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