Is Homosexuality Unchangeable? Is There an Option?

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Is homosexuality immutable? Is it unchangeable? Or is there an option? Is there opportunity for change, especially through the power of Jesus Christ?

We’re going to be talking today with our guest, Janet Boynes, who is founder of Janet Boynes Ministries — a ministry designed to reach out to those who are in the homosexual lifestyle and offer them hope for change.

Mat Staver: Janet, welcome to Faith and Freedom. Well you’ve been a great voice, not only here in the United States, but you’re now speaking around the world. [You’ve] been speaking at our Awakening conferences. And you have an amazing story of how Christ impacted your life and changed your life. Take us back to the time, Janet, when you were actively involved in a same-sex relation lifestyle. How did that come about? How did you ultimately come to where you are now?

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Janet Boynes: Mat, what a great question, because how I started, and where I am now, makes a whole difference in dealing with even this bathroom bill. Think about being raised in a family of seven kids, four different fathers… 

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