Homosexual Lobby Bullies Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

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On his Tuesday program, Rush Limbaugh mused about whether:

The Drive-By Media and the rest of the political and cultural establishment will be able to bully the Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, into vetoing the Arizona legislature’s bill which would allow businesses to refuse service to homosexuals based on the business owner’s religious beliefs.

Rush’s comments concern Arizona’s SB 1062 which would allow business owners to refuse products or services based upon religious beliefs or conscience objections. The primary focus concerns protecting people of faith from “anti-discriminatory” laws that have used to force florists, printers, bakers, and photographers into participating in same sex “wedding” ceremonies. In recent days, the opponents of the bill have really been ratcheting up the pressure to coerce Gov. Brewer into vetoing the measure.

Threats of losing a Final Four bid and the Super Bowl in 2015, which is scheduled at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Gendale, Arizona, have all been tossed around. Although Super Bowl XXVII was stripped from Tempe, Arizona in 1996 and awarded to Pasadena, California because of the state’s refusal to acknowledge the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, it is very unlikely that the same thing will happen this year due to the vast logistical issues involved at this late a date.  But that hasn’t stopped the Super Bowl threat from being hung over Arizona Gov. Brewer’s head.

Momentum against the bill has been mounting by business leaders, government agencies, and state organizations. Representatives from Greater Phoenix Leadership, Visit Tucson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Arizona Technology Council, IO (a Phoenix software company), American Airlines Group, Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association, Greater Phoenix Convention, Alliance Bank of Arizona, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, and the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association have all expressed their strong opposition to SB 1062. The barbarians are at the gate.

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These leaders and groups are stating that the religious protections measure would be an economic disaster for the state.  Yet, despite all of the ridiculous claims, not one of these individuals could specifically identify how protecting religious and conscience freedoms would be bad for business and tourism in the state. The scare tactics are mind-boggling to say the least, but unfortunately these high-pressure strategies seem to work when it comes to politicians without a moral core. We can only hope and pray that Gov. Brewer isn’t one of those types, but it’s not looking good.

U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake and several other Republican state senators are also urging Gov. Brewer to veto the bill. No surprise there. Many of today’s Republicans play roller-over better than President Obama’s dogs Bo and Sunny.

Gov. Brewer has signaled, and the media has been reporting, that she will most likely veto the bill over economic concerns, and this has the homosexual activists very upset. They want the governor to oppose this bill on the basis of “gay civil rights.” The homosexual activists could care less about about the economic impact.

Rush Limbaugh further opined:

Religious beliefs can’t be used to stop anything the left wants to impose, unless they’re Muslim religious beliefs, then we have to honor those.  But any other religious beliefs, not permitted, the left will not allow them…

The nearest liberal judge will declare the law to be unconstitutional. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned by now, ladies and gentlemen, the left does not accept laws it doesn’t like…

She’s being attacked for suggesting she might veto the bill for economic reasons…The homosexual advocates want her to veto it on the basis of human rights, civil rights, gay rights, and what have you.  So even vetoing the bill won’t be good enough.  She has to veto the bill for the right moral reasons. And isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden now the left is interested in morality, at least as they define it.  But you notice here, folks, how bullying is a good thing? The governor of Arizona is being bullied. She is being bullied by the homosexual lobby in Arizona and elsewhere. She is being bullied by the nationwide Drive-By Media. She is being bullied by certain elements of corporate America in order to advance the gay agenda. I guess in that circumstance, bullying is admirable. In fact, this kind of bullying is honorable.

Supporters rightly note that the bill, written by the conservative-advocacy group Center for Arizona Policy and the Christian legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom, would ensure that individuals and businesses are not forced to violate their beliefs. And that is all that this law would do. It would enshrine First Amendment protections for the Christians living in the state of Arizona.

The bill was sent to Brewer’s desk on Monday afternoon. She now has until the end of the day Saturday to make her decision.

However, as Rush also stated:

It doesn’t matter what Governor Brewer does. They’re [the homosexual advocates] still gonna bury her.

When it comes to her reasoning on SB 1062, Governor Brewer has dared to step out of line with the homosexual agenda, and now she will feel their wrath. Since they’re going to be angry with her no matter what she does, then I say do the right thing and sign the bill.

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.
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