Homo-Suppressionists at it Again: Media Matters Attacks Fox News for Using Term ‘Homosexual’

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Media Matters, the conservative-hating liberal hack website, is attacking Fox News for its use of the term “homosexual” in its reporting. They are advancing the ridiculous argument that the scientific term has a “pejorative connotation and frequent use by opponents of LGBT ‘equality’”. This illustrates exactly what I’ve stated in two earlier columns: homosexuals (no apology for using the term) have hijacked the culture — in this case, our contemporary vernacular — and are imposing their radical, anti-freedom “fairness” doctrine upon our country.

According to the online “media watchdog” (actually, a Leftist lapdog), they contend that referring to someone as “homosexual” is “a practice that’s quickly falling out of favor with major news outlets,” and they attacked Fox News for what they consider to be its failure “to update its language when referring to gay and lesbian people.” The only approved terms are “gay” and lesbian, according to the self-appointed PC police at Media Matters.

They also cited a weekend article from the New York Times entitled “The Decline and Fall of the ‘H’ Word,” in which reporter Jeremy Peters states that it has become a “five-syllable word [which] has never been more loaded.” He even likened “homosexual” to using the term “colored” when addressing black people and claimed that the word contains “the ring of disapproval and judgment.” Well, let me be clear, regardless of anyone’s terminology, God does disapprove and judge homosexual practices to be a vile distortion of the very laws of nature that He established for our well-being and proper sexual behavior.

But with the New York Times’ sanction, Media Matters pounced and accused Fox News of not getting the “speech code” memo that other more compliant journalistic outlets have already implemented. They specifically singled out Sarah Palin and Megyn Kelly for their scorn, but conspicuously failed to provided any specific instances of when either of them used the term.

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Fox News anchor Shannon Bream, who Media Matters smeared as “a pro-discrimination champion,” was berated for using the “H-word” in a tweet promoting an upcoming news segment. But that tweet was more than two years old. And they really had to dig back even further into the archives to find similar references on the news outlet’s Fox Nation website. Media Matters is obviously attempting to stir up controversy where none exists, but that’s what irrelevant groups do in an effort to inflate their own misguided sense of self-importance. They’re resorting to “homophobia”-baiting to get more attention.

More to the point, imposing the leftist term “gay” on the American press not only violates the principles contained in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but it’s like flowers at a funeral or lipstick on a pig. Media Matters can try to dress up things all they want, but in the end, we’re still left with a corpse or a pig. There’s simply no scrubbing away the stigma that is naturally hard-wired into our souls. Homosexual practice will always be a perversion that no one should ever attempt to foist upon the unsuspecting general public.

As the primary focus of their homosexual ire, true Christians and conservatives can smell these assaults on faith and liberty a mile away. It’s obvious and odious to us. Yet for many, these efforts are happening under the radar; the word “homosexual” will suddenly disappear and nobody notices it. But we will, and we won’t forget your lies. As one of our wise and faithful BarbWire readers mused: “Is amnesia a sub-pathology of homosexuality? And yet you expect us to keep trying to ‘kick that football.’ We can all remember when you just ‘wanted to be left alone.’” Truth is, the militant homosexual activists are not leaving anyone alone — it’s all-out war against the moral holdouts.

However, we must never submit to the subversive agenda of deceptively conflating homosexuality with happiness. There’s nothing happy about it!

Let’s see how long it takes Fox News to capitulate. Hopefully I’m wrong about this, but it’s a known fact that the National Lesbian & “Gay” Journalists Association (NLGJA) has had their operatives ramping up the pressure at the network for quite some time.

It’s personally very hard to witness so many falling for the corrupt homosexual agenda, but we are, however, discovering the true vertebrates among us.

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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