Video: Homeless Man Surprised With A Home

Last March, shared the touching story of Eric, a homeless man who was presented with a “winning ” lottery ticket. Unbeknownst to Eric, YouTube personality Magicof Rahat had already secretly given the store clerk $1000 for what was actually a losing ticket. In other words, his chances of cashing in were 100%. Then, Eric was so profoundly grateful that he surprisingly offered Rahat some of his winnings. It was a real tear-jerker. If you haven’t watched that video, it’s a must see.

Now for the rest of the amazing story.

As Justen Charters with reports:

Rahat, who has over three million Youtube subscribers, was hit with a firestorm of messages asking how they could donate to Eric. He set up a crowd funding project to help Eric get back on his feet. The project more than doubled the intended goal of $20,000.00.

When the house was ready for Eric, Rahat picked him up and pretended they were going out to eat. During their drive, Rahat made an unexpected detour by telling Eric he had to grab something at his house. Eric stepped into the home, which he thought belonged to Rahat, only to find out it the home was actually his…

What happened next is classic. When Rahat found Eric, he truly discovered a real diamond in the rough.

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Just like before, you better have some tissues ready.

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