Homeland Security Loses it’s Collective Mind

The Homeland Security Dept. is taking their job seriously, as they ask would-be visitors to the U.S. the tough questions. And since we know that all terrorists are honorable and honest, we can be sure no one slipped by… eh, except for Tashfeen Malik…


Meanwhile, the Dept. of HS refuses to check would-be U.S. visitors’ social media because some in the dept think it would be inappropriate–you know, like an invasion of ones “public-online” privacy.

1. Are you stupid? (Yes, I know I promote talking nice on the internet, but sometimes there is an exception!)
2. Really, are you Stupid? Or just insanely naive?
3. The whole point of Social Media is to tell the world what you think.
4. Is your job to be “appropriate” or protect America? Are you the Department of Appropriate Behavior or the Dept of HOMELAND SECURITY!!!

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Fourteen people are dead because these politically correct pencil pushers refused to check Tashfeen Malik’s social media. She proudly said she supported Jihad and wanted to be a part of it. (NYTimes).

Yes, I know it would be difficult to check everyone’s, … but a Muslim, from Saudi Arabia, living in Pakistan, coming to the U.S. to marry a Muslim, maybe deserves a second look? “Oh, but that would be profiling!”

God forbid! Profiling those most likely to commit a crime used to be considered (and still is in Israel) good police work. Common Sense (remember that phrase) tells us that an 80 year-old-grandma from Switzerland is less likely to be a terrorist than a 20 year old Muslim from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. That is not racist, it is just smart.

If there was a rash of white, middle aged, Messianic Jewish guys committing these acts, I would expect deeper scrutiny as I traveled, because I fit that profile. But don’t you dare profile a Muslim! And you wonder why normally sane people are flocking to the egomaniac Donald Trump. It is not his politics, it is that he is the first candidate in decades who is challenging the lunacy of the out-of-control Politically Correct culture in the U.S. today. As much as I am not a Trump supported (Ted Cruz), I have to admit that his no apology, common sense talk on many issues is refreshing.

Meanwhile, the HSD is worried that it may not be appropriate to check the social media of those seeking a U.S. visa. You know what else is not appropriate? Letting in Terrorists!

First published at MessiahsMandate.org

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Ron Cantor is the congregational leader of Tiferet Yeshua, a Hebrew speaking congregation in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is also the director of Messiah's Mandate International in Israel, a Messianic ministry dedicated to taking the message of Yeshua (Jesus) from Israel to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8) and teaching the Church about the Jewish Roots of the New Testament. He is the author of Identity Theft and his testimony, Leave Me Alone, I’m Jewish.

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