Hollywood Actors Throwing Post-Election Infant Temper Tantrum

When Republicans lost control of the White House, House and Senate, they were definitely upset and angry, but they responded like respectful adults.

That cannot be said about many Democrats.

If you recall, actor William Baldwin said he would leave the United States if George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, but the childish actor reneged on his promise, proving his word is not to be trusted.

Once again, we see a number of Hollywood’s alleged greats behaving like spoiled little children who are throwing a temper tantrum and pouting because they didn’t get their way with the midterm elections.

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Liberty Unyielding – Hollywood actors threaten boycott of Georgia after Brian Kemp wins governor’s race – Several Hollywood actors have called for a boycott of Georgia’s film industry after Republican Brian Kemp officially won the state’s gubernatorial contest.

Alyssa Milano


There are over 20 productions shooting in Georgia.

Is the entertainment industry willing to support the economy of a totally corrupt state that suppresses democracy; where the winner isn’t the best choice for the people but the best schemer or crook?

11:19 PM – Nov 16, 2018

Ron Perlman


To all my friends who are studio and network executives, if you choose to shoot movies and tv in Georgia, don’t bother to call me.

Ron Perlman


Happy to lead the exodus, Frank! https://twitter.com/frankrichny/status/1059965436601753600 …


11:20 AM – Nov 17, 2018

The hashtag #boycottgeorgia began to trend after Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic state representative and romance novelist, announced Friday that she would no longer challenge the Georgia Secretary of State’s election results. While Abrams acknowledged Kemp would be the winner of the election, she refused to call her speech a “concession” because a “concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper.”

Before Kemp was certified as the official victor, actors were already threatening to boycott working in Georgia, a state with a large film industry that’s been dubbed the Hollywood of the South…

Seeing what the liberalism of many of these actors as done to Hollywood, California and the surrounding area, if I was from Georgia, I would thank these worthless liberals for not polluting the state.

If you recall, when Trump won the election, tens of thousands of Democrats walked out of classrooms and off their jobs and went outside and whined and behaved like pouting little children instead of the adults or near-adults they are supposed to be.

To be honest, America would  be better off if these anti-Americans liberals packed their bags and left America to those who really love this country.


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